How to Unlock Bootloader and Root Nothing Phone 1 / 2

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to unlock the bootloader and root the Nothing Phone 1 and 2. The desire to unlock the full potential of a smartphone is common among tech enthusiasts, and that’s where bootloader unlocking and rooting come into play. Unlocking the bootloader and rooting your device can offer a range of benefits, including the ability to customize your device beyond the manufacturer’s limitations, gain full control over your device, and install custom ROMs and mods.

However, it’s essential to note that these actions can void your device’s warranty, and there’s a risk of bricking your device if not done correctly. This guide will carefully walk you through each step of the process to minimize these risks.

Stay tuned as we dive into the details of unlocking the bootloader and rooting the Nothing Phone 1 and 2. Whether you’re a seasoned Android tinkerer or a first-time rooter, this guide will provide you with the essential information you need to successfully and safely unlock your device’s full potential.

How to Unlock Bootloader and Root Nothing Phone 1

if have ever unlocked the bootloader a non-carrier variant of the OnePlus device, you should not be having any issues with unlocking the bootloader of Nothing Phone 1 and 2. You can literally unlock the bootloader in a couple of minutes. And, with the Magisk, we’ll be rooting the Nothing Phone 1 and 2. Follow the steps mentioned in the article in the same order, otherwise, you might end up doing something wrong with the device.

How to Unlock Bootloader of Nothing Phone 1 and 2

Having a locked bootloader in a phone is a plus point for device security as no modifications are allowed. But, you need to unlock it in order to customize and root your Nothing Phone 1 and 2. Note that unlocking the bootloader can wipe all the data from your Nothing phone such as photos, videos, documents, etc. Take a complete backup before proceeding.

Follow these steps to unlock the bootloader:

1. Open the Settings app on your phone and click on About Phone

2. Tap on Software Info and locate Build Number. Tap 7 times on it to enable Developer options settings.

3. Go back to Settings and tap on System.

4. Scroll down and locate Developer options. Click on it.

5. Scroll down and find OEM unlocking. Enable it. If you’ve set a lock screen password or PIN, you need to enter it on the next screen.


6. Find USB debugging and enable it as well.

7. Download ADB and Fastboot setup on your Windows PC. Or, you can download the Platform SDK Folder on any platform (Mac, Linux, Windows).

8. Connect your phone to the computer via a USB cable. Tap Allow if your phone asks for USB debugging authorization.

9. If you are a Windows user, open the ADB folder, press Shift + right-click and select Open Windows PowerShell here. Mac and Linux can directly open the command windows.

10. In the command prompt window, run the following command.

adb devices

The command will return the device serial id. If you can see it, it means that the computer can run ADB commands. If this is your first time settings up ADB on your Nothing phone, you’ll see a prompt on your phone to grant the permission. Give the permission and run the same command to check the ADB connection.

11. Enter the following ADB command and hit Enter to enter your phone into the bootloader mode.

adb reboot bootloader

12. Now, you need to switch from bootloader to Fastboot mode. Use volume buttons to navigate the press the power button to select. Now, run the following command to unlock the bootloader of your Nothing Phone 1 and 2

fastboot flashing unlock

13. You’ll see a warning about the risk of unlocking the bootloader. Skip the message, and use the volume buttons to navigate to the unlock the bootloader option. Press the power button to select it.

14. The bootloader of the phone will be unlocked. You can see the “unlocked” text on your screen.

15. Now, reboot the phone to the Android OS. Use the option in the bootloader menu or run the following command to reboot your phone.

fastboot reboot

You have successfully unlocked the bootloader of your Nothing Phone 1 and 2. Now, you can proceed to root your phone.

How to Root Nothing Phone 1 and 2 With Magisk

Now that you have an unlocked bootloader on your Nothing Phone 1 and 2, you can now root your phone. Follow these steps in the same order:

1. Download the full OTA package that has the same build version your Nothing Phone 1 and 2 is currently running on. As of writing this post, the latest version is Nothing OS 1.0.2. You can download the full OTA ZIP using this link.

2. Extract boot.img file from the OTA package and save it on your phone.

3. Download and install the Magisk app on your Nothing Phone 1 and 2.

4. Open the Magisk app and click on Install next to the Magisk.

5. Tap on Select and Patch a File.

6. Select the boot.img file you saved in step 2. Magisk will patch the boot image.

7. A file will be saved in the download folder on your phone with the name magisk_patched.img.

8. Make a copy of the patched boot image (magisk_patched.img) and paste it to the ADB folder on your PC.

9. On your PC, rename the file to boot.img.

10. Open the Developer options on your phone and turn on USB Debugging.

11. Connect your phone to the PC with a USB cable.

12. Open the command window and run the following command to enter the phone into the bootloader.

adb reboot bootloader

13. Flash the patch boot image using the following command.

fastboot flash boot boot.img

14. Run this command to reboot your phone.

fastboot reboot

15. Open the Magisk app and you’ll see that the phone has been rooted. Install the Magisk app if it’s not installed already.

Now you have a Nothing Phone 1 and 2 with an unlocked bootloader and root privileges. You are good to customize your phone with various Magisk and Xposed modules.

Rooting your Nothing Phone 1 and 2 is not rocket science. You just need to follow the proper steps. But yes, it involves a risk. I hope that you were able to unlock the bootloader and root your Nothing Phone 1 and 2. Did you face any difficulty at any point? Do let us know your suggestions or query in the comments below.

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