How To Unlock Bootloader on Vsmart Active 1 and 1 Plus via ADB Fastboot

Vsmart Active 1 and 1 Plus have launched in the year 2019 with Android 8.1 Oreo out of the box. Here in this guide, we will share with you an in-depth guide to Unlock Bootloader on Vsmart Active 1 and 1 Plus via ADB Fastboot. Similar to the other OEM smartphones, Vsmart Active 1 and 1 Plus handset also comes with a locked bootloader. Therefore, it can be unlocked easily with a few steps which are mentioned below.

If you are new to rooting, then you should know that the unlocking bootloader of an android device is the first and important step in the Android rooting process.

How To Unlock Bootloader on Vsmart Active 1 and 1 Plus via ADB Fastboot

Unlock Bootloader: Overview

The Bootloader is a program that starts whenever a device is powered on to activate the right operating system. It packages the instructions to boot the OS from the kernel. Like a smartphone, tablet, or PC, etc.

A Locked or Unlocked Bootloader is what gives you access to root a device easily. If you root your device, it means you have superuser or administrator access to the operating system that runs on your phone. Therefore, you can change some of the system settings, manage customizations, tweaks, etc.

Unlocking your Android Device Bootloader may get security issues. Android users often unlock their device bootloaders to root and install Custom ROMs. But it may void your device warranty sometimes. If your device bricked or stuck into bootloops, etc. For the same reason, Android doesn’t come rooted, smartphone OEMs also don’t want to unlock bootloader or root your device. It’s totally your choice and needs.

By Unlocking the device Bootloader may void your device warranty. We are at GetDroidTips will not be responsible for any type of bricking/damaging to your phone while/after following this process. Do it at your own risk.


  • To Unlock Bootloader on Vsmart Active 1 and 1 Plus via ADB Fastboot, you need a laptop or PC.
  • Keep your device battery charged up to 50% at least for a smoother process.
  • It’s highly recommended you take a complete backup of your device’s internal data. All of your device data will delete.
  • You need a USB cable to connect your device with PC.

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Steps to Unlock Bootloader on Vsmart Active 1 / 1+ 

  • First, you need to enable the Developer Options > Enable OEM Unlock and USB Debugging.
    • In order to do this, go to your device Settings > About > Software Information > More > tap on the Build Number for 7 times to see a message “You are now a developer”.
  • Now, go back to the main settings menu > search Developer Options > tap on it > turn on the OEM Unlock and USB Debugging settings.
  • Download and extract the ADB Fastboot zip file on your PC.
  • Now, connect your ZTE phone to the computer via USB cable and install the Nubia USB Drivers on your PC.
  • Go to the installed ADB Fastboot folder and open a command prompt window by pressing the Shift + Right Mouse button click in a blank area > click on Open Command Prompt here.
  • Now, type the following command in the command prompt and press enter:
    fastboot devices
  • This command will list the connected device serial number. If your phone’s serial number shows up there then you are good to go. (If not listed, then re-install the USB Driver and retry typing the above command)
  • Now, if the phone is listed then proceed to the next step with the following command and press enter:
    fastboot flashing unlock
  • After the above command has finished executing, you will see a new option on your phone to confirm the unlock process. You can use the volume up key and select Unlock -> press the power button to agree (*). The device will wipe data and reboot.  Once your device is rebooted, please wait for 10 seconds and then turn off the phone once again.
  • Put the device into bootloader mode by pressing the Power key + Volume down combination, connecting to the computer, and typing the command on cmd
    fastboot flashing unlock_critical
  • Do the same thing as (*). At this point, your phone has completely unlocked the bootloader
  • Now, your phone will reboot. Wait for a while and your device will boot into the system again.
  • That’s it. Now, your device bootloader is free to use.

Hope this guide will be helpful to you. Feel free to write your comments below.

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