Unlock New Map Part (Gateway) (Taymyr Russia map / Quarry location) in Snowrunner

On April 28, 2020, Focus has launched a new game developed by Saber Interactive. The game is a part of MadRunner sequel with features and gameplay optimization. However, the game will feel very different from MudRunner due to SonwRunner various Environments. SnowRunner includes large environments. The map is almost four times larger than MadRunner. Therefore you can push yourself to the new horizons in the game. Moreover, the game also provides you with many new environments. The environments are mostly based on the American, Russian, and Alaska region, which you can explore on the Wheels. Even more, due to improved visualization of the Environments, which is very detailed in foliage, mud, water, etc. The scenery in the game archives a realistic view.

So if you are playing the game, then you would like to explore new territories. Therefore you have to do certain tasks. There are tricks to do that in the game. Typically you would have to go to the endpoints, and then you have to do missions there. After that, you can encounter the gateway and proceed to new maps. Here, we are discussing the procedure of how too unlock a new map, the quarry location Taymyr Russia map. To know how to unlock the SnowRunner new map, part 1 follow the list of things that you have to do in the game.

Unlock New Map Part (Gateway) (Taymyr Russia map / Quarry location) in Snowrunner

Firstly you will have to buy the Azov 64131 truck, and then you will have to add the Seismic vibrator to it. You will need the seismic vibrators to scan the location and the strong truck to make the journey.

After you have the necessary equipment, then start the mission Geological Exploration. Selecting the mission as Geological Mission means you are going to a certain location for certain geological related tasks. With the right equipment, you can search for the endpoints and then to the new territory.

Therefore you will have to move to one north, south, east, or west point location and start searching for locations for your mission. If you are starting with the North point Location, then start searching location from there. Firstly search for north locations.

Unlock New Map Part (Gateway) (Taymyr Russia map / Quarry location) in Snowrunner

After you have searched and selected the north locations, search for other locations, and select it. Go for the south after searching the north location.

Then go to West location, remember to click and check the endpoints of the map in each specific location points.

You will complete your mission after you have selected all the necessary locations. Basically, you have to select one location in the north, then from the south, you have to measure the distance, and there are two locations on the west point location that you will have to search for. After that, your mission will be complete, and you can proceed to unlock new terrains.

Unlock New Map Part (Gateway) (Taymyr Russia map / Quarry location) in Snowrunner

Now you will have to look beyond the Horizon Mission. Therefore go to the lobby map and start looking for the missions Looking beyond the Horizon.

Complete the mission and again go to the Looking beyond the Horizon option in the lobby. The gate will be unlocked after you have completed the mission, but you have to accept it. Therefore go to Looking beyond the Horizon and click on the Accept button.

Unlock New Map Part (Gateway) (Taymyr Russia map / Quarry location) in Snowrunner

Now you will have access to the last map of the game, the Taymyr Russia map that you can explore.


To unlock a new map in SnowRunner, you will have to go for a geological mission and search for locations on every point locations by tacking the best routes. Therefore you will need a seismic vibrator. After that, you will have to complete the looking beyond the horizon mission with Azov 64131 truck. Lastly, accept it, and you will have access to the Taymyr Russia map.

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