Complete Guide to Use Google Meet in Google Classroom

Not only corporate jobholders but students are also adhering to Work from home. Schools and colleges have been long close due to the virus. However, students continue to learn online via video conferencing. To make things easier they can make use of the Google Class. It allows the teachers and students to share files, assignments online. The entire scenario of the teaching-learning process just becomes paperless. Already Google Classroom integrates other Google services such as Calendar, Drive, Gmail, Docs, Sheets, and Slides, etc.

In this guide, I will explain how Google Meet can also be integrated with Class. Both apps can be used separately. However, a single Google Meet link can be used from the stream header of Google Classroom. Let’s check out how to do that. Also, I have mentioned many useful tips that you can use to have a better outcome of your online lecture session with your students. Speaking of which, this guide will be helpful to those who are teachers or manage the online study session for any institution.

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How to Use Google Classroom to Create Google Meet Link

  • Launch Google Classroom
  • On the top-right corner, you should see a + button. Click it
    Create Class on Classroom
  • ┬áThen select Create Class
  • In the next screen, select the Class Settings button
  • Scroll down to Invite link. Click on the Copy Link icon.
    Google Meet Link Creation

How the Students will Get the Meet Link of Classroom

Now, that we created the link, it’s time to share it with the students of the class. There are two ways to do it.

Manually Copy and share the Link by Social Media

Copy the link and then share it over the WhatsApp group or via group email etc. Make sure not to send the link one-by-one as it will be very time-consuming. WhatsApp and group emails are the best way to share the same link for all the students of a class.

Make the Link Visible to All Students

This is the easiest way where you have to enable the option Visible to Students which you will see just below the link. Automatically, on the respective Google classroom header, the students will see this link. To join the classroom they will have to open this link.


I suggest that these links be kept hidden until the class/meeting time starts. Otherwise, students may misuse or access the link beforehand.

These kinds of links can be accessed by the students before the host(the teacher starts the meeting). However, after the host leaves the meeting, no one with the link will be able to access the session.

Resetting the Link

You can also reset the link, in case, the existing link doesn’t work or the session gets postponed to another date. So, you have to reset the link by updating the old link with the new one.

  • To do it, go to Settings by clicking on the gear button on the top right corner
  • Above Invite Link there is an option Manage Invite Codes. Click on it
    Reset Invite Link on Google Classroom
  • Then from the drop-down select Reset

Miscellaneous Tips For A Productive Online session With Google Classroom

Here are a few pointers to make your online classroom more productive for every student joining in the online session

  • If you have any specially-abled students with special needs for a hearing, then you can enable the live captions so that they can see what is being spoken word-by-word. Thus, they won’t feel left out or miss out on the lecture.
  • The students can turn off their camera during teaching sessions which will display their profile photo. Doing this will help in adjusting the streaming if the internet speed is slow.
  • Participants can also access the online teaching if they have installed Google Meet smartphone app.
  • As I mentioned above that before starting a meeting if the link is available to the students they may access it. So, as a teacher, you have to release instruction to the students to not open the link unless directed or the classes begin.
  • Normally, schools using the G Suite for Education get to use the Google Classroom. This means any ordinary person without the invite link may not access the online teaching session unless the admin of that particular G Suite contacts the G Suite support and make a request to create an exception and allow the anonymous user.
  • Instruct the students to charge their devices before attending the online lectures otherwise, if they charge their devices during the meeting, then it will affect the quality of the video.


If there are a lot of students that are attending the lecture whose number is in hundreds, then I suggest you do live streaming of your lesson. You can share the lessons via Google Slides or you can run a pre-recorded video.

So, that’s all you need to know to integrate the Google Meet along with Google Classroom and teach your students seamlessly on the online platform. I hope that this guide was helpful.

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