How to Share Your Smartphone Screen in Google Meet

Google Meet, earlier known as the Hangouts meet, is one of the products of Google, which is used to do meetings virtually over the internet. The main purpose of this app is just for meetings. You may have heard about the Zoom app. This is one of the best alternatives to Zoom video conferencing system. This year, during March 2020, Google Meet started its support with browser and mobile devices and extending features such as share smartphone screen and grid view.

Google Meet is one of the best video conferencing app that gives you everything that you need to have to host a video meeting. However, some of the features of this application are not as much as simple or straight forward as they seem. Sharing your smartphone’s screen is one of them. So, let’s see today how we can share the screen of our smartphone in the Google meet application.

How to Share Your Smartphone Screen in Google Meet

How to Share Smartphone Screen in Google Meet?

Sharing your smartphone’s screen in Google Meet is not that a big obstacle. It may not be as simple as its other feature, but it can be done by doing some tweaks. So, let’s check all the steps by which it can be done.

Install Google Meet

The Google Meet app can also be used through its web version, which is only of browsers. So, why to download the application. There are so many features in Google Meet that we can not use in its browser version. They are simply incompatible. Screen Sharing also comes in that.

So, for using the  Google Meet’s app to its full extent. You have to download its app, and that can easily be available in the play store and App store. After installing the Google Meet app, you must sign in on that app through your Google account. Because without it, you can not join a Google Meet call.

Join a Video Call

You can join or start a video call in the meet app in several ways. When organizing an event through Google Calendar, there is an option for automatically generating a Meet room. It will give access to your invites to click or join. Google is also coming out with a feature in some time for starting or joining a meet call through the Gmail app Desktop version also. Basically, you just need the meeting link to join.

Moreover, if your meet is prescheduled or not, you can easily start or join your calls through the main screen of the Google Meet app. If your Google meet call is scheduled through the calendar invite on Gmail, then you can easily find it in the option where the scheduled call is listed. There is also another calling option know as spur-of-the-moment call. It can also be done through the main screen as well.

How to Share Your Smartphone Screen in Google Meet

Whichever way you choose, you just need to remember about the “Join” button. Because most of the people who are first time users of the Meet app forget to tap the join button. They think that they are already in the meeting by seeing the video preview.

Move to the Menu

Google Meet’s application user interface is very scanty. Generally, many of the controls of the app can not be directly accessible unless you required them.

There may be a case if you are not able to see a menu button in the top right corner, then you have to tap on the part of the screen, which contains video to get to the user interface. Then in the menu, find the “present screen” option and tap on it.

Introduce your Screen

It does not matter if you are on Android or iPhone. The process for starting the screen share is quite the same with some of the slight changes.

Screen Share On Android Google Meet

If you are on the Android system, then you will see the window over the screen, which will show you a warning that everything occurring on your screen will be visible to others, including the notifications. From there, you can either cancel the process if you are not ready, and if you are, then you can press the start now option.

How to Share Your Smartphone Screen in Google Meet

This will now start your device’s screen recording process, with some more warnings saying that recording or sharing your mobile screen can expose your private information on your screen. Again you have to options either to decline it or continue from there.

If you tap on the start now button from there, then you will get a notification on the Meet app that you are sharing your screen.

How to Share Your Smartphone Screen in Google Meet

Now your screen share will start, and you can show anything you want to show from your mobile’s screen.

Screen Share on iOS

If you are using an iPhone, then the process of sharing the screen is very straight forward. When you start the screen share, then it will pop up a screen broadcast window that will give you a warning regarding the visibility of your screen, with a recommendation to start the do not disturb mode to not allow your notifications to enter your meeting while broadcasting. You will not see any cancel button there for going back you need to tap anywhere on the blank screen.

When you are ready, press the “Start Broadcast” button to start. It will start a countdown before the screen broadcast icon begins blinking red, which tells you that you are live.


Once you are done with your work, you can then press the stop presenting button for stopping the process is the same on both the operating systems. So, these were the methods by which you can share the screen of your smartphone in the Google meet app during any meeting.

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