How to Create and Use Microsoft Forms

To collect information or conduct a survey online forms are very useful. In this guide, I have explained how to use the free Microsoft Forms to collect data from people. Along with surveys you can also carry out online quizzes. Also, you can create review forms and get feedback from your customers. It is a great way to collect varied information and analyze them. This is a common good practice carried out by almost all businesses around the globe to analyze the behavior of their existing and potential customer.

I have explained how to create a Microsoft form, how to embed it and share it.  Also, I have put up how to check for responses to your forms and analyze them. There are also sufficient options for theming to customize your Microsoft forms and make them look appealing. If a form will look boring then people may not really use them. Anyway, let get into the guide and check out more about Microsoft Forms.

Microsoft Forms

How to Create and Use Microsoft Forms

First, let us create a Microsoft Form.

  • First, go to
  • Login to your Microsoft account
  • Then click on New Form
    Create A New Microsoft Form
  • Start creating questions for your survey or quiz.
    questions for Microsoft Forms
  • Click on Add New
    add new options into your form
  • You have various options that will decide what kind of form you wish to create
  • Set text, multiple choices, dates, rating, etc as per your form requirement
  • set questions, rating, multiple choices for your form

Sharing the Form

Now, after you complete your Microsoft form you have to send it to your desired recipients. Click on the Send button in the top-right corner.

You have various options to share your form

  • You can simply copy the link of the form and share it directly with anyone via email, text, web content, YouTube descriptions, etc.
    copy link of your form and send to recipient
  • Again, you can create a QR code and download it, and share it with your intended recipients or customers.
    share Microsoft Forms t hrough QR code
  • There is even an option to embed the form as an HTML code fragment in your web content. Then directly the user can access the form right from your web page.
    embed Microsoft Forms

Question Branched Within A Question

When someone responds to a question in the form, then you can also have a subsidiary question to let the user state a reason for his answer. This is a feature called branching in Microsoft Forms.

  • Click on any question to highlight it
  • Then click on the three-dot button at the right corner of the question
  • Now select Add Branching
    add branching in Microsoft Forms
  • You can add whichever auxiliary question you wish the user to answer
  • This whole action you can repeat for all the questions you have on your form.

Understanding Group Forms

This feature is mostly for enterprise use. If you are working with a team, then your teammates can collaborate with you. It is available only for those who are subscribed to the Office 365 service. Both you and your team members can edit and view the form.

How to Select Theme of Microsoft Forms

As I mentioned earlier, you can also make your forms look creative with various theming options.

  • Once done with creating questions for your Microsoft Forms click on Theme
    select theme in Microsoft Themes
  • Select any theme of your choice and the background for the form will change into that theme

Checking and Analyzing the Responses on Microsoft Forms

To check and go through the response, click on the Responses section. You can actually see how many responses you have received on your form.
check responses to your Microsoft Forms

You can see the total number of responses. Also, if there is a multiple-choice question the answer can be seen in a graphical pie chart format. You can see the screenshot below to understand how it looks.
graphical representation of responses to the Microsoft Forms

This visual data will help you analyze the opinion of an average consumer or user and decide your business moves. The example above was just a small one. You can do this with a large form with various types of questions for your survey for a huge userbase.

So, that’s all the basic information you must know about Microsoft Forms to create and use your own firm for individual and business use.

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