Valheim Dedicated Server Not Showing Up (Solution)

Valheim is a new action role-playing video game developed by Iron Gate AB and published by Coffee Stain Publishing. It’s a survival game that allows up to 10 players to battle, build, and conquer. Although the game is in the early access phase, it has received positive reviews from players on Steam. However, some players are having difficulty playing with their friends due to server issues. Many players have reported that the Valheim Dedicated Server is not showing up. If you’re experiencing this problem, this article provides a solution.

As we’ve already mentioned, Valheim is in the early access mode right now therefore, multiple bugs or glitches are one of the common problems that may appear to the players whatsoever. But having the server-related issue is a major problem because players are unable to access the dedicated server and losing their items, structures, etc. Now, if you want to get a server discoverable and joinable by other players then make sure to turn on the ‘Community Server’ option while creating Valheim dedicated server.

Fix: Valheim Dedicated Server Not Showing Up

Fix: Valheim Dedicated Server Not Showing Up

It is anticipated that the Valheim dedicated server problem will soon be resolved with a few patch fixes from the game developers. As the game is in its early stages, some issues are currently acceptable. However, if you are unwilling to wait and are eager to try to resolve this particular issue manually, please follow the steps below:

  • Make sure to turn on the Valheim ‘Community Server’ option.
  • Additionally, don’t do tying mistakes while searching for the dedicated server name. This is one of the main reasons behind such a server not showing problem.
  • Check whether the server host is getting online or not and whether the server host is playing Valheim on their dedicated server or not.
  • Needless to say that you should also restart your game and search for the dedicated server again.
  • If none of the methods worked for you, try restarting the Valheim by the server host and check for the issue again.

That’s it, guys. We assume this guide was helpful to you. If you’ve further queries, let us know in the comment below.

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