Why Are Competitive Queues Disabled in Valorant Game?

Valorant is a game that revolves around completing Battle Pass challenges, increasing one’s Ranked MMR, and winning matches. However, if the queue is disabled for Competitive Mode, players cannot engage in any of these activities. This results in a complete halt to player progression and engagement until the error is resolved.

Valorant Queue Disabled Error: How to Fix This Server Maintenance Error

Why Are Competitive Queues Disabled in Valorant Game?

The error message “Queue is disabled” has occurred several times in Valorant, most recently in October 2022. The developers usually address this error on the game’s official Twitter account, but this time, it has not received as much attention. The issue is likely related to Patch 5.07 being implemented into the game’s servers. Although maintenance sessions occur at specific times depending on the region, the Competitive Mode’s downtime is temporary and should not last more than a few hours.

Unfortunately, there is no quick fix for this issue. Restarting the game or tinkering with one’s firewall will not solve the problem since the issue is server-side and unrelated to the client. The only solution is to wait for the maintenance and the servers to be back up and running.

In the meantime, players can explore other game modes or activities offered in Valorant, such as Unrated, Deathmatch, or Spike Rush. These modes offer a break from the intensity of Competitive Mode and can still provide a fun gaming experience. Players can also use this time to practice and improve their skills in these alternative modes to better prepare for the next time Competitive Mode is available.

Why do Valorant’s Servers go Offline?

Usually, the servers only go offline when the developers carry out a maintenance schedule. It might also occur if they are about to put up a new patch or bug fix, which requires all players to go offline. In this situation, they will notify you beforehand on Valorant’s official Twitter account. If there is nothing of that sort mentioned, you could try checking if there are any issues with the game servers. An excellent way to do this is by using websites like DownDetector if you can confirm that there are indeed issues with the servers, which could be why the server queue is disabled.

Whether the queue has been disabled due to pre-planned maintenance or an unexpected server outage, you can only wait for the developers to return the servers to running online. Be patient because the team is fast, and you will get to play your favorite game again very soon.

If the problem is At Your End

Considering the third scenario, the reason for the queue disabled error could be at your end. In that case, here are some steps you can take to try and correct it.

  1. Close the game and restart your game client.
  2. Reboot your PC and router as well.
  3. Check if Riot Games has put up a new patch for the game.
  4. Update your game.
  5. If none of the above steps work, run Valorant as an administrator.

Most of the time, this error comes up because the game’s servers are going offline. You need to wait for the developers to fix it. Rest assured; it will be back up and running very soon.

In conclusion, encountering the “Queue is disabled” error in Valorant’s Competitive Mode can be frustrating, but it is a temporary issue that will be resolved soon. Players should remain patient and wait for the developers to address the issue, and in the meantime, explore other modes or activities the game has to offer.

We hope our guide helps you understand the issue and relax while waiting until the Queue Disabled error gets fixed. If you liked this, we have more guides on the iPhone and iPadPC Troubleshooting, and Android.

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