What Channel Is Fox On Spectrum Cable TV?

If you are on Spectrum Cable TV or planning to opt for it and wondering what channel is Fox on it, then here’s a guide to help you out. In this article, we will look at which FOX channels are available on Spectrum cable TV and which plans to choose based on your requirements.

Without FOX network on the list, even the best collection of channels seems incomplete. FOX network has been in the game for a very long time now, and fortunately, they got you covered in all the sectors. This American broadcasting company has earned a very bright reputation in the entertainment industry. FOX channels have bought us some of the greatest content over the past few decades, ensuring absolute entertainment for its audience.

Be it the greatest TV shows, latest-released movies, thrilling sports, or daily news gossip, and the FOX network expands in every way possible. Therefore, being in America, if you are missing on the FOX channels, you are missing something utterly great. Now, FOX channels are available on most of the cable TV connections. You just need to know which plan brings the most out for you.

What Channel Is Fox On Spectrum Cable TV

FOX Sports on Spectrum Cabel TV

Before we begin with the plans and available channels, let’s first get the taste of the FOX channels to understand the reason behind their popularity. Well, the FOX Sports channel is the go-to platform for all sports lovers worldwide. So, whether you love watching some serious sport like boxing or if you are more into Soccer, NBA, MLB, Golf, or whatever, you can continue uninterrupted streaming with FOX Sports.

And here is the interesting thing, you get FOX Sports 1 with all your Spectrum Cable TV plans by default. Hence, your entertainment with FOX and Spectrum is just never-ending.

FOX News on Spectrum Cabel TV

Apart from the entertainment stuff, a good dose of daily news will keep you up-to-date about the happenings around the world. Fortunately, FOX news can be the best source to keep yourself aware of current affairs. It brings all the news from your locality, national affairs, and international affairs under one roof and serves you right.

From daily political updates, world economy news to weather forecasts, you will get everything in a balanced manner in a single place itself. This is why FOX news serves among the top news channels in America, and that is one of the reasons behind the popularity of the FOX network.

With that being said, let us now look at what plans Spectrum has to offer us and which FOX channels are available with this Cable TV service.

What Channel is FOX on Spectrum Cable TV?

Generally, Spectrum TV offers you some FOX channels with all its packages by default, if not all. The cable TV channel lineup may also vary from region to region, which also makes it hard to find out which channels are available with the Spectrum plans.

Spectrum Cable TV provides three different plans: Spectrum SELECT Plan, the SILVER Plan, and the GOLD Plan. Each plan has its own benefits and a different set of channels. Now, if you are wondering which plans offer the FOX channels on it, then here’s what you need to know.

FOX Channels available on Spectrum TV Plans

To begin with, the base plan or the Spectrum TV Select plan, is the cheapest Spectrum TV plan, worth $44.99 per month. The Spectrum Select plan features a total of 125+ channels with a couple of other benefits as well. Luckily, it offers you the FOX TV, FOX NEWS, and the FOX Sports 1 channels by default.

All these channels are also available with the Spectrum TV Silver and Gold Packages too. So, no matter which Spectrum plan you have subscribed to, you can access these FOX channels on your TV without any hassle.

However, if you are a complete sports junkie and cannot bear to miss the next match on-air, Fox Sports 1 might just not be enough for you. Perhaps you can update your plan to the Spectrum Silver or Gold package and get your hands on other FOX channels such as FOX College Sports, FS2, etc.


Spectrum TV brings you a well-balanced channel lineup with tons of options to choose from. Unlike Spectrum Select, the Silver package features 175+ channels, and the Gold package features 200+ channels from all sectors. Thankfully, all its packages have a good number of FOX channels to offer in addition to all others. You can also go through the on-screen TV guide or contact Spectrum Support for more information. Leave a comment if this article has been helpful, sharing your thoughts.


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