Why Figma is the Best Tool to Design User Interfaces?

In recent years, UI/UX designing has enhanced to a whole new level. Earlier there were not many tools to provide the designers with easy and fast design creation. Many new tools have surfaced and Figma is one of the primary such applications that is getting rave reviews. In this guide, we will discuss why Figma is the best tool for designing user interfaces. I have mentioned some key features of Figma in this guide.

If you have set out to use Figma, then you do not have to install anything on your PC. The whole modus operandi happens online. The user interface is pretty simple if you compare it to the likes of Adobe and other similar apps. All you need to do is sign-up for your profile on Figma and start designing. Of course, such a feature-rich tool is not free. The first two projects for the first 30 days post-sign-up are free. Then you have to select between professional and enterprise package and pay for using Figma.

Figma tool

Why Figma is the Best Tool to Design User Interfaces?

Here are the key attributes of Figma that make it the most sought-after design tool.

Easy Transformation of Components

In Figma, components mean buttons, icons, and similar such things. It is super-easy to create a master component of any basic component. When you make changes to anyone component it will reflect on all the instances of that component. Similarly, it is easy to apply color or text to various components.

You do not have to redo the coloring or applying text individually for single components. If your design requires applying the same color scheme then in one-click you can apply it to all the elements of your design. Figma always aims at delivering a responsive design yet keeping the whole process simple.

Auto-layout for Easy Design Resizing

Figma provides an auto-layout feature that helps the designer in putting the design seamlessly without having to adjust the frame manually. The resizing process is very easy to carry out. Also, on Figma, you can create a prototype of the demo design easily.

Figma Tool Brings Free Google Fonts integration

As a designer, you will get access to more than 800 cool and useful fonts that you can incorporate into your design. You don’t have to worry about importing or downloading fonts from third-parties.

Platform independent

This means you can use Figma on any operating system you may have installed. The only thing you need is a working internet connection and a web browser.

No Tension of Running out of Storage Space with Figma

As Figma is an online application your design files are stored safely in the cloud. So, you do not have to worry about storage space. Your designs are easily shareable as well as with other designers with who you may work.

Pricing of Figma Tool

There are three modes of pricing. The first one is a limited two project-only free version. It is followed by the professional version that will cost you $15 each month. The third one is for organization use where the pricing is $45 per month. and allows sharing of fonts, provides private plugins, and SSO+ advanced security, and more premium features.

So, these are some of the main features of Figma that make it the best tool among other designing applications. If you are a designer, do try out the Figma tool for your projects.

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