How to Win Lottery and Get Rich in BitLife

In this guide, we will cover the many ways that players can Win Lottery and Get Rich in BitLife.

BitLife is a popular life simulation text-based video game from CandyWriter LLC for Android and iOS platforms. The goal here for players is to live any kind of digital life they prefer.

And by any life, it means that players can live a stress-free digital life without restrictions. Players have the freedom to become whoever they want with any kind of job or lifestyle.

How to Win Lottery and Get Rich in BitLife

How to Win Lottery and Get Rich in BitLife

Study Hard

In BitLife, there are several ways for players to get rich and live a very comfortable lifestyle. Kicking off our list, we will start with the most straightforward and one of the easiest ways to become rich. First off, players need to spend as much time as possible in studying to make sure they can come out with the best job available right after completing schooling. For instance, opting for a bachelor’s degree in Finance and make way to Business school. Once done with B-School, players can get a job as a Business Analyst, which will earn them a lot of money. This money can then be used for other investments, such as real estate.

Players will have to keep in mind that their SMART meter must be at an all-time high in order for this to work as planned. With a maxed out SMART meter, players will be much more intelligent, which will, in turn, result in more significant money over a long period of time.

Show business

Just like in real life, one of the most rewarding ways in BitLife is to get into the entertainment industry. This means players can either be an actor or a porn star in BitLife. With the right career in this field, players stand to earn a lot of rewards. Unlike the previous method, players don’t have to worry much about their smart stats. The only thing to focus on here is having at least 80% looks. As soon as this is achieved, players can begin to age up, collect pocket money from their parents, and use that to take a gym membership. Once they get through school, players need to keep an eye out for any job that is attached to any kind of film studio.

Once players have found themselves a suitable job, it is important to level up the looks meter by over 90%, especially with the gym membership. Additionally, using the salon and spa can help make it go up to 100%. Always keep a lookout for better jobs that may be available. However, most of the time, players will find themselves getting a promotion rather than a fresh new job.

Once players make their way up to an Actor or Porn Star level, they will trigger their fame meter. Players can kick-start their fame meter using a social media account. The only catch here is that players would have to send a real message for each message that they want to send out. Instead of sending it to other people, players can send it to themselves, and based on this, and they will gain followers. The exact figure is hard to predict, as it seems to be totally random.

Another way is by engaging in celebrity-like activities such as appearing on talk show hosts and doing advertisements. Such activities will help, but there is a change of it effectively negatively. Failure in these activities can result in depreciating fame. So always be cautious.

Win Lottery

In BitLife, hitting the lottery is the most sought after activity. That’s because it brings the most amount of money for a player. If players can maintain their SMART meter between 90% to 100%, it is guaranteed that they will be able to make a lot of money. Whenever players try their luck at the lottery, they will be greeted with the standard ‘NO LUCK’ or ‘MUST BE RIGGED’ message. But with persistence and consistency, these messages will eventually turn into a ‘JACKPOT.’ There is no limit to how many times the lottery can be played, and the winnings range from $100,000 to all the way up to $100,000,000. Keep at it for as much as possible till there’s a sweet 300 million in your account ;)

Real Estate

Once players have secured enough money in their accounts, the next step is to make more! In BitLife, real estate is the best way to invest money without having to spend too much energy on it. Players need to try and buy as much real estate as possible. Targetting properties that are in better standards will make it easier for higher returns during their sale.

Players need to keep in mind that the real estate business is meant for long term returns. This means, after buying up properties, players need to keep them for as long as possible. However, certain properties may deteriorate in their value. These must be looked out for and sold off immediately or get worked on to make improvements.

To set up a wealthy-real-estate empire, players can make use of the Will & Testament feature in BitLife to pass their properties as an inheritance. By doing so, players can continue their current life and eventually make billions when it has to be passed on.


This is another simple method. However, it does require a fair amount of patience. Once players reach the legal age limit, they can make their way to the casino. Players can hit the Blackjack tables to make some easy money. By placing the highest bet, it can provide a winning hand.

This method is also safe, as there is a way for players to walk out of the casino without losing any money. Yes, no loss whatsoever. Whenever players get an unlucky hand, they immediately leave the casino. This way, the money does not get deducted. Each time players win, they can place a higher bet. The cap is 10 million for each bet, so players must place them one after another to reach their mark.

Health & Wellness

This is the final aspect in BitLife that players need to pay attention to. It makes a great difference in investing time in the Health and Happiness meters. Players can maximize these meters in several ways:

  • Hitting the gym
  • Getting checked up at the hospital
  • Practice yoga
  • Engaging in other physical activities
  • Traveling

If winning in BitLife has a dollar amount, it can be set at 2 billion dollars. This would normally take up to the end of a character’s life in BitLife if the player properly. 

This concludes our guide on how to Win Lottery and Get Rich in BitLife. We hope this guide helped you. Check out our Windows Guides, Gaming Guides, Social Media Guides, iPhone Guides, and Android Guides for more great content. Subscribing to our YouTube Channel can fetch you $150 through our giveaway contest. If you have any queries or feedback, comment below with your name and e-mail ID, and we will reply shortly. Happy Gaming.

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