How to Fix Windows 10 Application Error 0xc00000FD

This issue is a kind of error that occurs due to Windows update failure, and it may also occur due to application crash error. Many users see this Application Error 0xc00000FD in Windows 10 while installing the latest updates for Windows. On the other hand, some users claimed to get this error after a gaming application crashes unexpectedly.

Application Error 0xc00000FD is somehow related to the inconsistency of your system to maintain the hardware acceleration. If you are finding this error code with an older version of the game, then you may try to force the application to run in compatibility mode. For other reasons, you need to look below in this article as some of the reliable solutions mentioned here.

How to Fix Windows 10 Application Error 0xc00000FD

Causes of getting Windows 10 Application Error 0xc00000FD:

There could be many causes to result in the Windows Application Error 0xc00000FD. You need to identify the root cause before getting an appropriate solution. Some of the methods for identification and repair mentioned below. Check one by one to get a reliable solution for getting Windows 10 Application Error 0xc00000FD. Some of the major causes are:

  • An incomplete installation
  • Improper application deletion
  • Third-party app
  • Hardware
  • This corrupted system file

How to Fix Windows 10 Application Error 0xc00000FD:

There is a variety of solutions to get rid of the Windows 10 Application Error code 0xc00000FD. You may need to go through one of the desired as per your issue. You can force your game without sorting the hardware acceleration of the launch option in Steam. In case these minor changes are not working well for you, then you might go through some detailed, reliable, and most effective solutions to eliminate Application Error code 0xc00000FD. Some of them mentioned below.

Run the program in compatibility mode:

If the issue involved with the game or application, then there is a very high chance that the issue might be occurring due to inconsistency of game application to handle the hardware acceleration. You might be able to fix the problem by modifying the launch executable. This modification will make the application run in Compatibility mode. If the game is more than five years old, then you are highly recommended to force the game running on compatibility mode. To start the process, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Open File Explorer
  • Navigate to the location of the game or application which causing Application Error code 0xc00000FD
  • Right-click on the game or application
  • Go to ‘Properties’ from the context menu.
  • Select the Compatibility tab in the settings
  • Check the box associated with ‘Run this program in compatibility mode.’
  • Use the drop-down menu to select Windows 7 from the list
  • Click on ‘Apply’ to save the changes
  • Now launch your game or application as it will now not showing the Application Error code 0xc00000FD. If the problem persists, then move on to the next method.

Force run without hardware acceleration:

In the case, Application Error code 0xc00000FD encountered with the game from Steam or via their dedicated executable server, this is possible that you might be seeing this error due to lethal crash. It occurs due to the failure of sustaining hardware application by the game or application. Scan the replaced, corrupt, and missing files in your system before proceeding to this step. After reconfiguring the game options to launch without hardware acceleration, you might get the solution for Application Error code 0xc00000FD. There are two methods involved in the process:

  • Method 1: Modify the Steam Launch Options


  • Open ‘Steam application.’
  • Sign in with your account
  • Click on ‘Library’ from the ribbon menu at the top
  • Right-click on the game that is causing Application Error code 0xc00000FD
  • Click on ‘Properties’ from the context menu.
  • Select the ‘General’ tab from the horizontal menu
  • Click on ‘Set Launch’ option
  • Enter “-cefNoGPU -cefNoBlacklist” command in the text field
  • Now, launch the game directly from Steam.
  • Method 2: Modify the Launch Options from the shortcut


  • Open File Explorer
  • Navigate to the location of the shortcut of your game
  • Right-click on the executable file of the game
  • Click on ‘Properties’
  • Click on the ‘Shortcut’ tab and look for the Target location
  • Add “-cefNoGPU -cefNoBlacklist”, at the end of Target location
  • Check, the issue will not be there in your game.

Your problem can get resolve from this method in most cases. See if the game is still crashing with the same 0xc00000fd error. If the error is still there, then proceed with the next approach.

Advanced computer user solution:

You may proceed to an advanced computer user solution for resetting your system in case if none of the mentioned procedures are working for you. Here is how you can reset your system.

  • Log in to your system as an administrator
  • Click the ‘Start’ button
  • Go to ‘All Programs’
  • Proceed to ‘Accessories’
  • Move forward to ‘System Tools’
  • Now click ‘System Restore.’
  • Select ‘Restore my computer to an earlier time’ and click ‘Next.’
  • Select the recent restore point and then click ‘Next.’
  • Restarts the computer after the processing

The procedures, as mentioned above, are very productive working on Windows 10. You may go through any of the procedures mentioned above if you are getting Windows 10 Application Error 0xc00000FD. One from the mentioned methods will help you to get rid of the issue with your system configurations.

You suggested taking a necessary backup if you get to go for a restoring mode. This process might lead you to lose some of your essential data. All the methods not considered having any glitch or error for the removal of Windows 10 Application Error 0xc00000FD. You can easily follow every step to eliminate the Application Error code 0xc00000FD from your Windows 10. If you have any queries or feedback, please write down the comment in the below comment box.

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