FIX Windows 10 Mail Not Syncing or Showing Sent Mails

Windows Live Mail is one of the classic features by Microsoft. Though it doesn’t receive updates anymore, still it is preferred by many Windows users. Those users have to face a number of different errors from time to time.

Out of the many issues, the mail not syncing automatically or the sent emails not being present in the Sent items folders issue is the most common one. If you are also struggling with the same issue, then don’t worry. In this article, we are going to discuss some solutions that you can use to fix this issue by yourself.

Solutions to Fix the Windows Mail Not Syncing or Showing Sent Mails issue:

Windows 10 Mail

Solution 1: Turn Off the Conversations

Before we move down to the complex solutions, let’s start from a simpler one. Follow these steps and try to fix the issue by turning off the conversations.

  • Click on the View tab.
  • Choose the Conversations option.
  • Select the Off button.
  • Now, go to your sent box to check if the issue is present or not.

Solution 2: Unhide the sent emails

In some cases, the users hide the emails accidentally. If this may be the case with you, then by following this solution you will be able to see your sent emails.

  • Open the View tab of your Live Mail.
  • Choose the Views icon and click on Modify view in the drop-down menu.
  • Set the view to apply to All Messages.
  • Now, set the rule to Show.
  • See if you can find the sent emails this time.

Solution 3: Set the correct sub folder path

Some users accidentally set the wrong sub folder as the Root folder path. To fix the issue, follow these steps and set the correct sub folder as the Root folder path.

  • Go to Properties.
  • Choose IMAP.
  • Now, set Inbox as the Root folder path.
  • Check for the error again.

Solution 4: Check the Sent email settings

If the above solution fails, you have to check the Sent email settings in your Windows Live Mail. Follow the steps given below.

  • Open the File tab.
  • Click on the Tools.
  • When you select the “Options“, a new window will open up.
  • Go to the Send tab.
  • Check the box besides the Save copy of sent messages in the Sent Items folder option.
  • If you find it checked already, uncheck the box.
  • Select “Save” to make the changes.
  • Now, come back and check your Sent email folder.

Solution 5: Affected emails

If by anyhow the sent items folder file becomes corrupted, it will not save the sent emails. So, to fix this issue, you have to remove all the affected emails. Clean the Sent items folder and restart.

Solution 6: Reinstall Windows Essentials

If none of the above-mentioned solutions worked for you, then the problem may lie with Windows Essentials. To fix the error, follow these steps and uninstall Windows Essentials.

  • Go to the Start menu.
  • Open the Control Panel and choose Programs.
  • Select the Uninstall a program option.
  • Find the Windows Live Essentials option.
  • Select the Uninstall/Change option.
  • Then, navigate to the following folders and delete their contents.

C:\Program Files\Windows Live 

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Windows Live

  • If you find more program files folders after opening the C drive, double-click on the Program Files x86.
  • Now, reinstall Windows Essentials and check for the error.

 Windows Live Mail is a free and easy to use email application. Still, its users have been encountering a Sent email not syncing issue where the emails stop showing up in the Sent items folder. The issue has been irritating the users for a long time.

But not anymore because we have provided some effective solutions, that will solve the issue in no time. The steps are simple, and you can perform them without any help. We hope you become successful in solving the issue using our solutions. If you have any queries or feedback, please write down the comment in the below comment box.

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