How to Disable Automatic Reboot in Windows 10

Did it ever happened to you that you’ve left your PC for a few minutes for a coffee break.? Later when you come back to the PC and open it up to resume work, it suddenly reboots. It’s irritating right..? The random automatic reboot happens due to the integration of various updates that take place in the background under the hood.

Now, the restart thing doesn’t happen on its own. If you remember clearly, you do get prompts asking you to reboot your device at the time you are using it. In case you do not reboot, then automatic reboot would take place as per the system. Now, software updates are something you should never stop or keep pending. Installing them in time is necessary for the perfect working of your PC. It’s good that the system can do the update on its own.

However, there are two easy ways by which you can disable Automatic Reboot on Windows 10 PC. In the guide below we have explained both the ways to do it.

How to Disable Automatic Reboot in Windows 10

Let’s check out the two methods by which we can disable the automatic reboot on Windows 10 PC.

Editing the Group Policy

  • In the search box type gpedit.msc
  • You will land in the Group Policy Editor 
  • Go to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates
  • Under the Windows Components > Windows Update
  • Double-click on the option No auto-restart with logged on users for scheduled updates
  • Select Enabled here from the 3 options you see.
  • Make sure to save every change before you exit the dialog boxes.

Making Changes in the Update & Security

  • Go to Update and Security by pressing Windows + I keys
    Disable Automatic Reboot from Settings
  • Click on Change Active Hours
    Disable Automatic Reboot
  • There is a toggle Automatically Adjust Active Hours. Enable it to automatically allow the system to detect when you remain active.
    Disable Automatic Reboot
  • Otherwise, under Advanced Options, see an option Restart this device as soon as possible. Turn it OFF.
    Disable Automatic Reboot
  • You can even Pause Update Installation to a certain date.

We advise against shifting installation as it may cause security issues to your computer. You may postpone the update installation to a few days in the next week but never completely stop it. If you wish to disable automatic reboot you can do it by the way we have guided above.

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