How To Add Live Subscriber Count To OBS Stream Cropped

Suppose you are a YouTuber and often conduct live streams but have no way to track your current audience. In events, you may like to add the live subscriber counter to your stream or in general. This would make you look professional and will also give you a live feed on subscribers you are having.

Tracking your online presence is very important if you’re starting out as a streamer or are a social influencer. Tracking your live subscriber count to the OBS stream cropped will also help you to better understand your audience. In this article, we will mention the steps to add a live subscriber counter to OBS Stream, along with how to crop it and to change the background.

How To Add Live Subscriber Count To OBS Stream Cropped

How To Add Live Subscriber Count To OBS Stream Cropped

Adding live subscriber count to your OBS stream is not very hard. if you’re gaming or streaming on any topic, in particular, having the live count of your subscribers is a great feature to have. I have divided the whole process into three segments, so it’s easier for you to understand.

Step 1: Set channel name

Firstly, open up your browser and visit the website. There Enter your channel name in the pop-up. Then click on the OK button to start the Subscriber Count.

Now, go to the browser’s address bar, select the URL, right-click on it, and select Copy. Also, you can use the Ctrl + C shortcut key.

Step 2: Setup source & Alerts

 Now, open up the OBS and click on the PLus “+” icon below the Sources, the second left column.

From the Menu, select the BrowserSource option and add it to your live stream sources.

After that, a prompt will appear. There under the Create New label, you can name it as a Subscriber. Then click on the OK button.

How To Add Live Subscriber Count To OBS Stream Cropped

In the next prompt, paste the copied URL by pressing the Ctrl + V shortcut key in the URL input field. Click on the OK button again, and then you can see the live subscriber count in OBS.

Step 3: Adjust the live subscriber counter

To adjust the live subscriber counter according to your preferences,  right-click on Subscribers under the Sources below. Then select the Filters option from the menu.

How To Add Live Subscriber Count To OBS Stream Cropped

 In the newly prompt Window, click on the Plus icon +”  below and select the Crop/Pad option from the Menu.

Now just Enter the Left value as 175, Top value as 200, the Right value as  175, and lastly, the Bottom value as 280.

After you have entered these values, the subscriber count should be only visible. If not, then tweak the values a bit to find your suit.

If you want to change the background, too, then press on the Plus “+” icon again and select the Chroma Key option.

Now click on the Key Color Type drop-down menu. Then select the Custom option, click on the Select Color button, and select a color according to your preference.

How To Add Live Subscriber Count To OBS Stream Cropped

Lastly, you can tweak a few chroma key settings to get the colors right.


So this is a simple and straightforward way to add live subscriber count to your OBS stream cropped. If you stream regularly, you can save the template and use it in all your streams and showcase how large your audience is in real-time!


  1. When i copy the link and add a browser source it shows me consent options which i dont see on the website, and i dont know how to get rid of it

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