Best Locations to Build Your Base in Sons of the Forest

This survival-horror game requires players to build a base in order to survive a deadly environment as well as monsters. To ensure your survival, you must choose the right location for your base. It is important to choose a location for your base in Sons of the Forest, and this article will discuss the best ones.

Best Locations to Build Your Base in Sons of the Forest

What Are The Best Locations to Build Your Base in Sons of the Forest?

So, here are some locations to build your base in Sons of the Forest:

#1. Near a Water Source

Near a Water Source

It is vital to find a location near the water in Sons of the Forest since water is crucial for survival. Your base will have easy access to water, so you can drink, cook, and wash while staying near a river or lake. Furthermore, vegetation usually surrounds water sources, providing cover and resources for building and surviving.

#2. High ground

In Sons of the Forest, building your base on the high ground has several advantages. The first advantage of this position is its excellent vantage point, which allows you to see threats from a distance. The second advantage is that enemies can’t reach you from below because they must climb up to reach you. Last but not least, flooding and other natural disasters are less likely to occur there.

#3. Forest Clearings

It can be a great idea to build your base in a forest clearing in Sons of the Forest if you have access to forests. It is common for clearings to have trees around them, providing cover and resources in addition to providing a space for building and farming. Furthermore, forests provide food and materials, which makes them a great location for a base.

#4. Coastal Areas

Sons of the Forest offers great base-building opportunities along the coastline. In addition to providing easy access to water, they are also good places to fish. Furthermore, there are many resources along the coastline, such as seaweed, driftwood, and rocks, that can be used to build and craft.

#5. Near a Cave System

Near a Cave System

You can build your base in Sons of the Forest in cave systems, which are both dangerous and rewarding. Usually, caves contain minerals and crystals, which provide a natural shelter. In addition, caves usually provide excellent cover from enemies due to their hidden nature. It is, however, important to plan and prepare carefully before building a base near a cave system to ensure its safety and security.

#6. Mountains

Sons of the Forest’s mountains offer several advantages for building your base, but they are challenging. Firstly, they provide a good vantage point from which you can observe threats at a distance. Secondly, flooding and other natural disasters are less likely to occur there. Finally, they are a great location for mining and crafting as they have a lot of minerals and ores available.

#7. Islands

Sons of the Forest’s islands are an ideal location to build a base. In addition to providing protection from enemies, they make it easy to access water. Aside from that, they usually have a wide variety of resources, like palm trees, coconuts, and fish. To ensure that you have enough resources to survive, building a base on an island requires careful planning.

#8. Cliff Edges

Cliff Edges

Whenever possible, use the surrounding environment in a way that enhances and protects the shelter. You can keep one side fearful of cannibals by building near the edge of a cliff. Even the strongest mutants will be unable to cross the island’s mountainous areas even if they can climb rocks and trees. It is much easier to spot encroaching visitors near cliff edges, as is the case with large bodies of water.

There are a large number of forests, food sources, and water sources on the ocean cliffs, which may make them the ideal site. There are also a number of caves scattered throughout this region, but due to the dense forest, cutting a clearing is the best strategy to improve visibility.

#9. Mobile Base

Mobile Base

It may be recommended or even necessary to spend some nights at a mobile base rather than settling down permanently, depending on your starting crash site. When equipment and resources are scarce, Sons of the Forest’s snowy region will be particularly challenging. It is also possible that the shelter was built too close to a cannibal encampment or pathway if lots of cannibals regularly visited the location and caused a nuisance.

Cannibals cannot regularly stalk a mobile base, steadily increasing in number with each visit, as they normally do when it moves between different locations every night. Furthermore, it allows players to farm resources in certain areas and move on instead of relying on long and dangerous trips from already-established bases to gather resources.

It’s risky, however, to have a mobile base since there won’t be much time to construct defences, and cannibals may overrun some areas. In general, it is best not to set up camp unless it feels safe.

#12. Tree House

Tree House

It is best to get off the ground if you want to avoid roving cannibals. It is a lot easier to handle cannibals in the trees than on the ground, even though some variants are able to jump and climb trees. It is always a good idea to clear a significant area around a tree house so that the house will not be within jumping range of the Sons of the Forest’s larger cannibals and mutants.

There is one drawback to the tree house: it takes a long time to build. In order to climb it, about 70 logs and rope are needed. Consequently, some tribes of cannibals are likely to be attracted and annoyed by this noise and damage. However, once built, especially in a clearing and ideally with the additions listed above, this may serve as a safe haven for an extremely long time.

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To conclude, it’s crucial to choose the location where you’ll build your base in Sons of the Forest. Depending on your play style and needs, building your base near a water source, on a hill, in a forest clearing, near a coastal area, near a cave system, in the mountains, or on islands could be a perfect choice. To ensure the safety and security of your base, you need to plan and prepare for it carefully. So, that’s all we have for you on the best locations to build your base in Sons of the Forest. We hope that this guide has helped you. Moreover, comment below and let us know.

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