Best Reserve Keys in Escape from Tarkov and Their Locations

Escape From Tarkov is a multiplayer FPS game where players spawn on a map and clear out some enemies. It was released in 2017, and it might be a challenging game for some as there are so many aspects to it. You can look for valuables, solve quests and take out opponents, all while keeping a lookout for anyone trying to shoot you.

Despite the hardcore competition, it is a fun game to play. There are some interesting and valuable items that you can get in the game, but they are locked behind doors and cages. You will need a key to get to the loot inside. All maps have some keys you can find, and one of the maps is called Reserve. We will show you the locations for the keys to the best loot in the Reserve Map in Escape From Tarkov.

Best Reserve Keys in Escape from Tarkov and Their Locations

Where to Find the Best Reserve Keys in Escape from Tarkov

The Reserve map is one of the most competitive maps in the game, where you will come across a lot of good loot. You won’t have time to get them all during your raid, so you must prioritize. This is why you should pick the best ones most likely to increase your chances of survival and winning the game.

In total, there are 29 keys that you can find and use on the Reserve map. All players, whether new or experienced, can get their hands on these keys and use the loot they find. Let’s find out which are the best keys in the game for the Reserve map.


In this room, you will be able to get some ammo and weapon spawns, as well as a fully modded AK. The key can be used up to 25 times and is located outside White Rook. You will see two Barrack buildings there, one of them facing White Rook and the other facing away. The room is in the building that faces away. Here are the items you can get:

  • Key Tools Spawn
  • Key Cards Spawn
  • Gold Chain Spawn
  • Virtex Processor Spawn
  • Weapon Spawns
  • Ammo Spawns

RB-AO is also a great option to get some weapons. You can use it in the small bunkers near the train stations.


This key is your best bet to get fully modded weapons and attachments. It unlocks a room and can be used up to 25 times. You’ll need to look carefully for the loot inside as they might be hidden from plain sight. The location of key is in the basement of the Black Pawn Building. Here are the items that you will be able to find here:

  • Gold Chain Spawn
  • Key Tool Spawn
  • Multiple Weapon Case Spawns
  • Possible Container Spawns
  • Virtex Processor Spawn
  • VPX Modules Spawn


The key RB-KPRL will unlock a whole room full of loot. You will be able to find it on the hill, underneath the dome, where there are two guard shacks. The key is on the left guard shack. Inside the room, you will find the following items:

  • Intelligence Spawn On Desk
  • Key Spawn
  • One Safe
  • One Standing Weapon Safe
  • One Weapon Cabinet
  • Small Safe Under Desk
  • Weapon Box


This room has a lot of rare items such as tools and tech spawns. You can find it on the first floor of the Black Bishop Building. You will be able to collect the following items in this room:

  • Intelligence Spawn
  • One Jacket
  • One Wooden Crate
  • Tech Spawns
  • Three Toolboxes
  • Tools Spawn
  • Weapon Attachments


This is the key for you if you are looking for some medical supplies. It unlocks several rooms. You also have a chance of getting a valuable LEDX spawn. It is located on the second floor of the White Bishop Building. Here are all the items that you will be unlocking with this Reserve key:

  • LEDX Spawn
  • Medical Supplies
  • Ophthalmoscope Spawn

For more medical loot, consider the key RB-KSM worth mentioning.

We hope this guide on Reserve keys in Escape from Tarkov helped you. As there are a lot of keys you can find on this map, only the notable ones were worth mentioning. Note that even if you have the correct keys, the random spawns will dictate the loot you will get. However, opening keys are one of the best strategies for low-risk and high-reward play in Escape from Tarkov, and you should definitely make them a priority.

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