Escape From Tarkov Network Provider – Part 1 Quest Guide

Escape From Tarkov is a multiplayer FPS game released in 2017, where players spawn on a map and clear out some enemies. It might be a challenging game for some as there are so many aspects to it. The competition is tough, but it is an enjoyable game to play for hardcore FPS players.

In the game, you will be able to look for valuables, solve quests and take out opponents as you keep a lookout for anyone trying to shoot you. Some of the quests might be difficult as there aren’t a lot of clues around on what you should do. One of them is the Network Provider quest, which has two parts to it. This guide is about the first part of Escape From Tarkov Network Provider.

How to Complete Network Provider – Part 1 Quest in Escape From Tarkov

There are a lot of quests in Escape From Tarkov, which can be player-given or generated dynamically. They are the quickest way to earn XP in the game, so you should try to complete as many as you can. Completing quests will also give you loot and reputation, and unlock the purchase of new items in addition to XP.

The Network Provider quest is a new quest series which is connected to the Lightkeeper. By doing this quest, you will be able to unlock interactions with the Lightkeeper trader. It will be given to you by Mechanic. You will need to find some items which will take a considerable amount of time and effort.

Before you can get access to this quest, there are some prerequisites that you must meet. You should have Fence reputation at 2.0 or higher. here are all the quests that you need to have completed prior in Escape from Tarkov:

  • Broadcast – Part 2
  • Cargo X – Part 4
  • Decontamination Service
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Gunsmith – Part 19
  • House Arrest – Part 2
  • Living High is not a Crime – Part 2
  • Peacekeeping Mission
  • Punisher Part 6
  • Setup
  • The Blood of War – Part 3
  • The Huntsman Path – Eraser – Part 2
  • The Tarkov Shooter – Part 8

Starting the Quest

Here is the dialogue of Mechanic that you will get as part of this quest:

“Hello, friend. I guess you’ve heard about the trader at the Lighthouse. I’ve got a little ambition, so to speak… I want to get in touch with him personally. No, it’s still a long way to go before we meet face to face. And I don’t like to leave my lair, honestly. There’s a problem: the radio signal can’t reach the lighthouse from here. Can you find the parts so I can put together a signal transmitter?”

As part of the Network Provider quest, you will need to find four types of tech items. This is for the first part of the quest, and here are the items you need:

  • 4 Electronic Components
  • 4 Military COFDM Wireless Signal Transmitters
  • 4 Gas Analyzers
  • 4 Broken GPhone Smartphones

If you need more information, here are the locations where you can find these tech items. Note that these are random spawns and depend on RNG luck. Keep trying the maps and you will eventually find them all.

Electronic Components

You can find these items at tech spawn locations. Try the Interchange map for getting the tech items, as it has a lot of spawn points. Your other options are Reserve and Lighthouse, but they have a larger number of AI spawns as well.

Military COFDM Wireless Signal Transmitters

You can find them inside sports bags, dead Scavs, weapon boxes, and ground caches. They are also found at tech spawn areas. You can craft a Military COFDM Wireless Signal Transmitter with a Broken GPhone x smartphone, Portable Powerbank, and Military circuit board. It will take around 38 hours to craft it.

Gas Analyzers

You can find Gas Analyzers spawning on the ground as well as on shelves. Additionally, you can find them in various containers such as toolboxes, jackets, drawers, sports bag, dead Scavs, ground caches, technical supply crates, buried barrel caches, and medical supply crates.

Broken GPhone Smartphones

Interchange has a lot of tech stores, so you should be able to find Broken GPhone Smartphones easily. Check out the store locations of Texho, Techlight, Rasmussen, German, and TTS. These can spawn in a lot of places such as in the Idea Office. Look in the storage room behind the PCs, and you will find a Smartphone. Check the shelf inside the office room with PCs inside the Power Station as well as the Emercom Medical Unit. For the latter, you will need the Emercom key to unlock it.

Additionally, you can find the tech items in zip bags, sports bags, toolboxes, PC cases, and filing cabinets.


After collecting the items, you will need to hand them over to Mechanic. This concludes part one of the Escape from Tarkov Network Provider quest. You will need all the tech items if you want to progress to part two, where you will be assembling and setting up the installations.

Once you have completed the Network Provider quest, the radio transmitter will be fixed. You can now meet the Lightkeeper trader at the lighthouse. As a reward for finishing the quest, you will get the rewards of 18,600 XP and +0.01 reputation with Mechanic.

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