Boost Headphone Volume On Any OnePlus using Magisk Modules

Low audio output on OnePlus is a frustrating issue, especially for those who use music streaming Software like YouTube or Spotify. However, there are some apps that play songs at higher volumes, with some tweaks like the Black player. However, it is not possible for stock apps such as YouTube or Netflix. So in this article, we are about to explain some Magisk modules that can help you boost headphone volume on any OnePlus smartphone.

All these mods require a rooted OnePlus device with the Magisk manager installed. If you don’t know what Magisk is, it’s a systemless rooting method. It uses modules for modifying some functions without actually modifying the system. It might sound not very easy, but the workaround is simple. So here are some volume-boosting Magisk modules for OnePlus that you can flash.

Boost Headphone Volume On Any OnePlus using Magisk Modules

Boost Headphone Volume On Any OnePlus using Magisk Modules

There are multiple mods that you can use to boost any OnePlus headphone or earphone sound. Here are few:

Viper4Android FX

This is the most commonly used mod. Hence this module is available within the Magisk repository itself. You can search Viper on Magisk in Downloads, you can install it from there. Especially this one gives us to tweak many more options. Therefore it’s wise to note that there are many options to play within the viper FX menu to fine-tune the audio output. But there are two options on the menu specifically for boosting volume. So, let’s see them both:

Playback gain control

Firstly, enable it from the toggle switch. This option increases the gain values of the audio output. Anything above ideal value may cause distortion. But this depends on the system volume level too. Keep these in mind and play with the control to obtain an optimal volume boost.

The ideal setting would be:
Strength: 2
Maximum gain: 2x to 3x.
Output threshold: -1.9dB (or more if it starts to distort).

Boost Headphone Volume On Any OnePlus using Magisk Modules


Continued listening to the audio on higher volumes might damage your ears and your equipment. Please be cautious.

Master power

This option must be enabled for the mod and settings to work. But when you expand the menu, there are some settings such as Output gain, pan, and threshold limit. Here leave those settings as it is, and only change Output gain values. This reduces distortion as this modifies the final processed output.
Boost Headphone Volume On Any OnePlus using Magisk Modules
Ideal settings are:
Output gain: -1dB to -3dB for removing distortion. +1 to+3dB for more volume boost.
Threshold limit: 0dB

Dolby Digital Plus

This mod specializes in enhancing the audio experience in music or movies. But there are specific settings that can boost headphone volume. Let’s see them now.

Dolby Digital Plus Magisk Module


Equalizer gives us the ability to tune certain bands within the sound to increase its dominance over others. For example, you can set bass (low band) to dominate over treble (high band).

But in this case, we are going to increase all bands by a small step. This increases all bands and results in a volume boost. You can also play around and obtain the best suiting settings that match your need.

Volume Leveller

This option will level up the volume and will result in a volume boost. This option does not have any fancy tweaks. Its just a toggle button. So simply tap on it to enable.

Support libraries

So, now that you are using mods to enhance the audio output of your android device, there is a need to install some additional Magisk modules for smoother operation. But don’t worry, they are available within the Magisk repo, and you can install without any hassle.

Audio Modification Library

Boost Headphone Volume On Any OnePlus using Magisk Modules

This module allows seamless working between multiple audio mods. Especially when you are planning to work between multiple mods to compare and choose your ideal one.

Audio compatibility patch

Boost Headphone Volume On Any OnePlus using Magisk Modules

This module is required when playing audio from streaming services like Spotify and Youtube.


So, to sum up, these were the Magisk modules that you can use to install to boost headphone volume on your one plus device. But my choice would be viperFX since it has better control options to play around with. But for novice users, Dolby digital plus would really help.

The sweet spot is you can use both of them, but remember to apply only one mod at time and switch according to your needs. Just don’t over vamp any settings.

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