Bumble Premium vs Bumble Boost: Which one is worth?

Bumble, which is a free dating app, has grown into one of the famous apps over the course of time. Unlike other dating apps, it is based on a completely opposite concept. Bumble encourages women to make the first move via text to spark a conversation with a match. And this is what makes it unique from the others. However, just like tinder and many similar dating apps, Bumble also introduces its paid plans that include more premium features letting you be more specific about your match. But users have to choose between Bumble premium vs Bumble boost. Now, which plant is the best for your dating requirement? let’s find out.

Lately, in the 2020s, the app has split its premium plans into two distinct tiers: Bumble Boost and Bumble Premium. As usual, each seems to come with its own set of features and carries different pricing too. But what’s more important for the users is if these plans are really worth it or just a buzz. And even they are fair, which one is more beneficial and of better worth. So, if you are also stuck and can’t choose your ideal pick, this article will help you out.

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Bumble Premium vs Bumble Boost Which one is worth

Bumble Premium vs Bumble Boost

Recently after Bumble split its premium plans into two tiers, Bumble Boost and Bumble Premium, it has been hard for users to make a perfect choice. Moreover, as Bumble is a free dating app, most people are even curious if these paid plans are actually worth it or not. Hence, this article will focus on some of the major points to find out their true benefits and which plan is better for the users.

Bumble Boost

Unlike the free version of the app, which offers very limited features, Bumble Boost comes with certain additional features that undoubtedly increase the potential of finding a perfect match. Below are the major highlights of the Bumble Boost pack.


  • Rematch
  • Backtrack
  • 1 Spotlight per week
  • Unlimited Extends
  • Unlimited Right Swipes
  • 5 SuperSwipes per week


Generally, a match expires within 24 hours if no conversation starts between the two people. However, if you are from a small city, you will most likely receive the same profile in your queue within a few days, and if you live in a metro city, you might have to wait for a bit longer. But with the rematch feature, you can instantly match with the same person without having to wait any longer.


Earlier, Bumble offered the Backtrack feature even to the free users as well. However, in 2020 it became a highlighted feature of the Boost pack and was removed for the free Bumble users. With backtrack, you can undo in case you accidentally left swipe a person on your match queue.


The Spotlight feature helps your account stand out in the crowd, making it visible to a maximum number of users to increase your chances of getting picked. The feature is also available in the in-app purchase and is charged based on the number of spotlights you want. For Boost users, Bumble offers 1 Spotlight per week, which is enough to get viewed by a considerable number of people and eventually being liked by a section of them.

Unlimited Extends

As said earlier, the matches expire after 24 hours if no message takes place between the two people. But even without an upgrade, you can still manage to extend one match every day for another 24 hours. However, with Unlimited Extends, you can do the same for unlimited matches per day. This feature seems really worth it as you can stick to the match for long until you or the other person feels like initiating a conversation.

Unlimited Right Swipes

Bumble offers an unlimited right swiping feature with the Boost pack, which allows you to check as many profiles as you want and right swipe them every day. However, the Bumble algorithm doesn’t encourage this behavior and eventually leaves a negative impression about your profile. So, even though you have the ability to make unlimited right swipes, make sure to use them wisely and intentionally.


SuperSwipes are a cool way to enhance your Bumble account likes. Fortunately, it offers 5 SuperSwipes with the Boost plan. Plus, the SuperSwipe feature is also available for in-app purchase, again charged by the amount you want.

So, these were some of the highlighted features we receive with the Bumble Boost plan. Now let’s check out its premium plan before deciding which one is better.

Bumble Premium

Bumble Premium is the most expensive tier offered by Bumble. And as expected, it offers some extra features in addition to all those available with Bumble Boost.


  • Bumble Boost features (Rematch, Backtrack, Spotlight, Unlimited Extends, Unlimited Right Swipes, and SuperSwipes)
  • Beeline
  • Travel
  • Incognito
  • Advanced Filters

As most of the features are already covered under the Bumble Boost tier, let’s get on with what’s unique in Bumble Premium.


Beeline is probably among one of my favorite features of Bumble. It shows all the profiles that have already liked your account. In this case, you can instantly find a true match by just right-swiping on a person from the Beeline list. It saves a lot of time, and if you have set up a new Bumble account, it must be appreciated to find a quick few matches.


Travel allows you to change your location to different cities and date singles from wherever you are traveling to. This feature is very much the same as Tinder’s passport feature and lets you use it as often as you want. If you are someone who often keeps traveling to new places and wishes to find a perfect date, this feature is absolutely worth it.


Incognito is a great feature if you don’t wish everyone to see your profile. Only the ones you have already right-swiped can see your profile and no one else. So, if you want to limit your visibility in the community, Bumble Incognito mode can be of great help.

Advanced Filters

Advanced Filters lets you search for exactly the kind of person you wish to date. This includes verified profiles only, what dates are they comfortable going on, height, education, religion, and more. Although these filters are available with the free and Boost plan of Bumble, they are still very limited. Hence, if you are quite serious about finding a perfect date, the premium subscription is definitely worth it.


Bumble Boost offers some affordable plans, which vary according to the time period. It charges $7.99 per week, but this can get further affordable if you opt for a 3 or 6-month plan. On the other hand, Bumble Premium includes some expensive subscription plans. It costs around $17.99 per week but comes down to $66.99 if you go for its 3-month plan. Additionally, the Premium plan also includes a lifetime plan worth $199.99.

Bumble Premium vs Bumble Boost: Which one is worth it?

Now that we have seen the highlighted features of both the Bumble plans, it is time to make the right choice. Choosing one between them obviously depends on your requirements and some amount of your personal preference. But if you are residing in a small town or city with a comparatively lesser population, the free version must do most of the job. And with such limited requirements, going for any of these plans doesn’t make any sense.

However, if you are serious about finding a perfect date, plus you live in a metro city, I would recommend going for the Premium plan over Bumble Boost. Although the pricing is quite higher, Premium includes some of the essential features that save a lot of your time and be more productive for the community. It will definitely help you find a perfect date even in a crowded place and so it is really worth for money.


So by now, you must have had a wonderful knowledge regarding both the plans offered by Bumble. Both seem justifiable at their own rates. However, if you have higher needs, going for the premium plan seems worth it. But again, if you have some temporary needs like bringing your profile to the spotlight and so, Bumble Boost offers more flexible plans for that. So, what’s your personal preference between these two? And how do you think the Bumble paid plans had helped you find your perfect date? Let us know in the comments below.

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