Why You Should Buy AppleCare+ for Your iPhone 14, 14, 14 Plus, Pro, and 14 Pro Max?

Apple has been giving premium services to AppleCare+, which intends to help users meet their needs for servicing their iPhones at no extra cost. AppleCare+ is an extended phone warranty service only applicable to your purchased iPhone. In this article, we will talk more about Apple Care Plus and discuss whether you should buy AppleCare+ for your iPhone 14, 14, 14 Plus, Pro, and 14 Pro Max.

Apple has recently launched its iPhone 14 series lineup, and fans are eager to get their hands on this marvelous smartphone. However, that being said, all of these smartphones are quite expensive and can go up to 1,200 dollars with taxes, depending on your region of purchase. And with the hype around iPhones, one thing to note is that they are quite expensive to repair as well.

Why You Should Buy AppleCare+ for Your iPhone 14, 14, 14 Plus, Pro, and 14 Pro Max

Why You Should Buy AppleCare+ for Your iPhone 14, 14, 14 Plus, Pro, and 14 Pro Max?

As we discussed above, Apple Care+ is a premium warranty service that you have to purchase whenever you purchase your iPhone. You can even purchase this when your device is also in a warranty period. However, this service is quite expensive and makes up as much as 30% of your device’s initial cost. However, a couple of benefits will surprise you as well.

AppleCare+ Features and Advantages

Overall, Apple has aimed to reduce customers’ stress whenever their device faces any technical, software, or hardware fault. AppleCare+ eliminated the cost of repairing your device giving you peace of mind that you are covered for such repairs at a nominal cost.

  • Priority access to Apple Experts: No matter how big the rush is, your device and your problems will be heard first
  • Same Day Service: Broke your phone? Get it fixed the same day (in major metropolitan areas only)
  • Pickup & Delivery service: Can you bring your iPhone? Dont worry; Apple will pick up your device from your home, fix it, and deliver it to your home.
  • Trusted Original Spare Parts: No longer worry about after-market spare parts, only genuine ones.
  • Onsite Service: You may schedule a technician to perform quick repairs to your home/office.
  • Express Replacement Service: You get a replacement device until your device is repaired.

What is the difference between AppleCare and AppleCare+?

Apple Care is a complementary 1-year warranty for your iPhone when you purchase it. It lasts for one year, and if your iPhone 14 is facing any software or hardware issues, you can get it fixed at no extra cost.

However, when the free 1 year warranty period cover is over, the charges to repair are quite expensive and might take a toll on your pocket. So in such cases, you can purchase AppleCare+ having an extended warranty of 2 years plus and covers accidental damage as well.

Is it worth getting AppleCare+ for my iPhone 14?

We understand that AppleCare+ is quite expensive, and not everyone can afford it in one go. However, the sense of security you get with this service is amazing. Your device will be an additional two years of warranty covering any software or hardware glitches that you might face. Whether it’s a screen problem, the microphone not working, touch not responsive, camera issues, etc., everything is covered.

With the new Apple Care Plus protection plan, your device is also covered for unlimited repairs for accidental damage protection which is a game-changer if you work in a profession where you might anciently drop or damage your iPhone 14.

Here is a comparison of scenarios on what you purchase Apple Care+ for your iPhone 14 Pro device. Assuming you purchased the AppleCare+ plan for Jan 2022 – Jan 2024.

Timestamp Issue No AppleCare+ Active AppleCare+
March 2022 Speaker not working 45$ + No charges
July 2022 Screen Broke 220$+ 29$ (service charge)
September 2022 Back Glass Damage 149$+ 29$ (service charge)
January 2023 Camera not working 349$ 99$ (service charge)
March 2023 Battery health down to 50% 99$ No charges
August 2023 Not able to make calls (software issue) 29$ No charges
December 2023 Phone Theft/Lost 1000$ (buy new) 149$ (service charge)
Total Cost 1891$ 306$ (+269$ AppleCare+ Theft protection plan)

The above table is an assumption; the actual cost may vary depending on your region. The table assumes that you have purchased the AppleCare+ Theft Protection Plan (which is +70$ more expensive than the normal plan).

Again, Apple Care Plus costs a lot, but given the benefits, the cost seems to justify itself. So make sure you judge your particular case scenario and make a calculated choice about whether this plan would benefit you.


This brings us to the end of this FAQ on if you should buy AppleCare+ for your iPhone 14, 14, 14 Plus, Pro, and 14 Pro Max. I hope all your questions are answered regarding to AppleCare+. Please note that this service is not for everyone, and you should decide carefully if you wish to purchase one. If you’re a person who takes optimal care of your device, then AppleCare+ might not be an economical option for you. But if you’re a person who accidentally drops their device often or in a profession where you have to use your device in a wear and tear environment, then the AppleCare+ plan of just 199$ will protect your Apple iPhone 14 series from heavy cost repair charges.

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