How to Stop Google Sheets from Changing to Military Time

Google Sheet displays time in 24-hour format, which is also called Military time. In this format, they do not use the AM/PM. We use both these elements in the 12-hour format. In this guide, let’s discuss how to convert Google Sheets Military time to the regular 12-hour time. Most people are not well aware of the 24-hour clock format. So, they may find the timings mentioned on the spreadsheet confusing. This guide will help them out.

To change the time format either you can use inbuilt functions in the Google sheet. Secondly, you can also manually change the format for a singular spreadsheet individually. I have covered both the methods in this tutorial. Let’s check them out.

Google Sheets

Change Google Sheets Military Time to Standard 12-hour Format

First, let us use a function to change the time format.

Using Function to Switch From Military Time

Here are the steps

  • Let’s say in cell A1 you have mentioned the time as 18:30:27
  • The above time format is the 24-hour time format
  • We need to change this to the regular 12-hour format
  • So, in the cell B1, type the following function
    =text (A1, “HH:MM: SS AM/PM”)
  • Press Enter
  • The value of B1 will now change to 6: 30:27 PM

Manually Changing the Time Format

The previous method of changing the time format works only if you use the function for another cell. For time format conversion in the same cell, you have to select a provided time format.

  • Open Google Sheets
  • Select the cells that mention the time in Military time format
  • In the toolbar go to Format > Number > More Formats
    change Google Sheet military time format
  • Under that select More Date and Time Formats
  • Choose your appropriate time format from the table displaying the Custom Date and Time Format
  • To confirm the changes click Apply.

So, these are the two ways to easily change the default military time format to the 12-hour clock format or any other format of your choice.

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