How To Use Checkboxes In Google Sheets

Google Sheets is so simple to use but it’s fully loaded with cool functions. Do you know that you can create checkboxes in this online spreadsheet app from Google.? Normally, the tech giant terms it as tickboxes. It doesn’t matter how you refer to that. You can use any of the terms you like, checkboxes or tickboxes. In this guide, I will show you how to create and use checkboxes in Google Sheets.

The checkboxes will help you classify various data you represent via Google Sheets. Inserting a checkbox in a cell is pretty simple. You can also format the checkboxes if you want. As the checkboxes are inside the cells, any formatting to a cell will apply to the checkboxes as well. By formatting, I mean changing the color or tweaking the font.

Create and Use Checkboxes In Google Sheets

First, let’s see how to create a checkbox in Google Sheets.

  • Open Sheets
  • Select a cell in which you want to create a checkbox [You can create multiple checkboxes by selecting multiple cells as well ]
  • In the menu bar click on Insert > then in the drop-down menu select Checkbox
    Insert checkboxes in Google Sheets

You will notice that when you click on the checkbox, in the Fx field, it will display as True.

checkboxes upon clicking displays value as True

When you will uncheck a checkbox then the Fx field will display as False.checkboxes upon unchecking displays value as False

To delete a checkbox simply select the cell and then press Delete from the keyboard. It’s that simple. For multiple cells containing checkboxes, select those cells altogether and then press the Delete key.

Using the Checkboxes in Google Sheets

Now, let’s check out the various ways by which we can use checkboxes in Google Sheets.

To-Do List

Probably the most used and simple implementation of checkboxes is to create a to-do list.

using checkboxes in to-do list

Present Data Upon Fulfilling Condition

You can use conditional formatting to create some conditions. Then upon fulfilling the conditions a range of values will be displayed when clicked on the checkbox.

Let’s say there will be a list of students in one column. In another column, there will be a list of corresponding marks these students secured.

You can put two checkboxes and specify to highlight those cells when you click on any checkbox. These checkboxes will fulfill a certain condition. Such as one checkbox will specify marks greater than 80. Then if 2 students are have secured more than 80 marks, upon ticking the checkbox the cells of these two students will be highlighted.

Representing Charts in the Google Sheet

You can create charts on Google Sheets to represent data of various kinds. Then you can create two checkboxes to help you easily shuffle between two charts.

Let’s say you are comparing the sales figure of two years for a company selling bikes. Then you create two separate charts stating the sales figure for both the years. Next, create two checkboxes and add a function to enable you to highlight the chart for 1st year or 2nd year upon clicking on the checkboxes.

This will help you to represent your research data while you are presenting this in some annual meeting of the company.

So that’s all about creating and using the checkboxes in Google Sheets. Right from simple use to the complex representation of data checkboxes are always a handy component in Google’s online spreadsheet.

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