How To Combine PDF Files In Windows (Merge into One Single PDF File)

Nothing is more confusing than having the PDF files of the same document getting scattered. This leads to an unorganized document. Thankfully, there are ways to mend this issue. You can combine the PDF files into a single document. In this guide, I will show you how to do this in Windows OS. Unlike macOS which comes with a preview app to merge the PDF files, Windows has no such in-built app.

Now you can use Adobe Acrobat to combine PDF files in Windows and enjoy many other features. However, that comes at a price and may set you back up to $15 per month. I know a majority will not take interest in paying this much for an occasional merging of PDF files. There is a free alternative though. You can get the PDF Merger and Splitter by Microsoft to combine the scattered PDF files on your Windows PC. For this tutorial, I have explained how you can use the free tool easily.

How To Combine PDF Files In Windows (Merge into One Single PDF File)

Combine PDF Files In Windows

First, you have to download the app from the Microsoft Store. It is a free tool. Keep in mind that this is exclusively for the Windows OS.

  • Go to Microsoft Store by clicking on its dedicated app on your Windows PC
  • Search for PDF Merger and Splitter
    combine PDF files in Windows
  • Then click on Get to download and install the app
  • After installing open the app
  • Click on Merge [Merge will combine two documents without making any changes to the existing order of the files]
    combine PDF files
  • To merge PDF pages, click on Add PDFs
  • You can sort the PDFs by name and arrange them as per your requirement
  • Make sure to use the preview option to see how the output document will look like
  • Once you combine the PDFs as per your choice, click on Merge
  • Keep in mind to save the newly created PDF

There is another option Split which you can use to re-order a PDF file to make changes. You can add or remove pages of the PDF document. Also, you can make changes to the pages of the file.

So, that’s the free and simple way to combine the PDF files on any PC/laptop running on Windows OS. I hope this guide will help you out in organizing your PDF files.

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