Beat and Capture Cryogonal in Pokémon Go raids: Weaknesses and Counters

Pokémon Go raids always rotate Pokémons from time to time, and in this article, we’ll be taking a look at Cryogonal and all you need to know about this Pokémon from the Unova region.

Cryogonal, an Ice-type Pokémon from the Unova region in Pokémon Go, is not a 5-star raid or Legendary Pokémon like Kyurem or the other members of the Tao trio; Zekrom and Reshiram. However, that does not make it any less tough to face.

Beat and Capture Cryogonal in Pokémon Go raids: Weaknesses and Counters

To beat and capture Cryogonal in Pokémon Go will be a big challenge, but with the necessary information which we’ll serve you in this post, you should be able to take down Cryogonal. As with any other Pokémon, knowing Cryogonal’s weaknesses as well as the Pokémons who are great choices as counters will be all you need to know to beat and capture Cryogonal in Pokémon Go. So, let’s take a look at each of these parameters.

Cryogonal’s Weaknesses – Beat & Capture Cryogonal in Pokémon Go

Being a purely Ice-type Pokémon, Cryogonal is weak against Fighting, Rock, Fire, and Steel-type Pokémons. Talking about resistance, Cryogonal is known to only be resistant to Ice, meaning that having several Fighting and Fire-type combos at your disposal will be a really big advantage when you try to beat and capture Cryogonal. To counter its beefy attacks, though, you can always depend on Rock-type Pokémons.

Counters to Cryogonal

While there is quite an array of Pokémons that can serve as counters against Cryogonal, Metagross, Blaziken, and Conkeldurr are the three most viable choices you have.

Cryogonal - Pokémon Go
Cryogonal – Pokémon Go


While Metagross is both a Psychic and Steel-type Pokémon, you’ll find that ahead of its Psychic-type moves, its Steel-type features are a fantastic choice when trying to counter Cryogonal most especially if you have the meteor mash charge move.

Metagross is more attack-oriented, and when you think of a fast attack move, a bullet punch move is your best bet. With Metagross anywhere in your line-up when to attempt to beat or capture Cryogonal, you can be sure of victory.


Next on the list of top Pokémon counters for Cryogonal is Blaziken, a Fighting, and Fire-type Pokémon. Though commendably strong, Blaziken is an offensive, not defensive Pokémon.

So, you should always have a defensive Pokémon to complement Blaziken when you use it as a counter against Cryogonal. Pokémons that know the counter and blast burn, fire spin and blast burn, or the counter and blaze kick moves will be a big advantage against Cryogonal.


Another strong choice for a counter against Cryogonal is Conkeldurr, a Fighting-type Pokémon. One of the stronger fighting-type Pokémons you’ll find in Pokémon Go, Conkelduur, is a fantastic choice to consider when you try to take down Cryogonal.

Not all of its moves are optimal choices, though, so you want to make sure that you are exact when using Conkelduur. Combinations like Counter and Focus blast or Counter and Dynamic Punch are moves you might look out for.

They work effectively against Cryogonal. Another advantage of using Conkeldurr as a counter Pokémon against Cryogonal is that it is resistant to Dark-type attacks.


As mentioned earlier, there is quite a number of Pokémons that will work as counters against Cryogonal. Darmanitan, Entei, Heatran, Moltres, Reshiram, Machamp, Chandelure, Terrakion, Charizard, Flareon, Arcanine, amongst several others are choices you can consider.

There you go, equipped with the knowledge of the weaknesses of Cryogonal as well as counter Pokémons. This surely will make the difference when you try to beat and capture the Ice-type Pokémon from the Unova region in a Pokémon GO raid.

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