How to Delete All Photos from WhatsApp Group on Smartphone

Gone are the days when you had to delete media files individually. Thanks to the latest technologies, we can segregate media files as per their types and throw them into the bin digitally. This facility is available not only on our smartphones but also for social media applications. The popular WhatsApp also has a mass deletion option for its media files. In this guide, we will tell you how to Delete All Photos from the WhatsApp Group on your smartphone.

We will cover various methods for successfully segregating and deleting photos received from your contacts on WhatsApp, including groups.

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How to Delete All Photos from WhatsApp Group on Smartphone

Let’s check out the various methods to permanently delete all WhatsApp photos from a smartphone.

Delete from Storage Management (Android OS)

  • Open WhatsApp > tap on 3-dot icon > Settings
  • Tap on Data and storage usage
  • Again tap on Storage Usage. You will see a list of WhatsApp Group
  • Under each group, you can see an option Free Up Space. tap on it
  • WhatsApp will show all the things such as messages, gifs, photos as selected. You can uncheck the items from which you want to keep the media.
  • Tap on Delete Item > Again tap on Clear Messages to confirm.
    Delete All Photos from WhatsApp Group using Free Storage Option

Delete from Storage Management (iOS)

  • Open WhatsApp > go to Settings
  • Tap on Data and Storage Usage> again tap on Storage Usage
  • Now as you see the various groups of WhatsApp, tap on the selected one to delete all photos.
  • Tap on Manage
  • Select the choice of items, like Photos or videos. Tap on Clear at the bottom.

Delete All Photos on AndroidOS

In this process, we will make use of any File Manager app. At a time this process should delete all photos from the individual as well as group chats of WhatsApp. This particular method is only available on AndroidOS only.

  • Open any File Explorer you have installed on your device
  • Go to the WhatsApp Folder
  • Tap on Media > Then look for WhatsApp Images
  • Select the choice of images > Delete them
    Delete All Photos WhatsApp Group using File Explorer

Clear Group Chat (Android)

  • Open the group chat of your requirements.
  • Tap on the three-dot icon to open the drop-down menu >¬† tap More¬†
  • Under More, tap Clear Chat
  • You will see a confirmation box. Tap on Clear

Clear Chat on iOS

  • Go to WhatsApp > Open the group chat
  • Tap on Group Info > Tap on Clear Chat

Individual Media Selection

Use this method to delete a selective number of photos from various groups and individual contacts.

For Android

  • Open the group of WhatsApp > tap on the group info
  • On the Group info screen, tap on Media
  • Now you will see the photos that have been shared with you (downloaded by you)
  • Long press to select the photos you wish to delete.

For iOS Users

  • Open the WhatsApp group
  • Tap on Media, Links, and Docs
  • Next, you see the thumbnail of photos
  • Besides the preview, you see an option Select
  • Select your choice of photos and tap on the bin icon.

Delete Image for Everyone

This is an interesting method applicable to media which you sent to anyone as an individual or in a group. Make sure you use this method to delete all photos of WhatsApp for everyone within 1 hour of sending your media file. Otherwise, it won’t work.

It is sender-specific. This means the method we will explain will only work for the sender and no one else.

  • Open any Chat on WhatsApp where you recently shared some image
  • Let’s say before 15 minutes you sent a photo wrongly in a group
  • Now to delete it for everyone Select it.
  • Tap on the Delete button
  • Select Delete for Everyone

If you use an iPhone or basically an iOS, then the drill is pretty much the same. Select the image file by long pressing on it. In the mini drop-down menu, select More > tap Delete > select Delete for Everyone

So, that’s it, guys. This was a detailed insight on how to Delete All Photos on the WhatsApp group on Android and iOS smartphones. We hope that you found the guide useful.

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