Disable Constant Notifications From Chrome Browser: How to do.?

You may have noticed that if you visit some website on Google Chrome, a pop-up springs up asking to show you all notifications from that site. Then either you click Allow or Block notifications. I know for most of you guys it’s irritating to see that pop-up. So, I will tell you how you can disable constant notifications from any website.

Let me tell you that this tweak is only possible if you are accessing a site using the Chrome browser on a PC. Two options can solve your problem. Either you set it such that websites will have to ask your permission before sending any notification. The second one is no site will be able to send you any push notifications. I normally set it to the former one. Maybe some websites that I come across turn out to be useful. So, then I can allow that web platform to send me notifications regarding any new products, articles, or service.


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How to Disable Constant Notifications From Chrome Browser

It’s quite easy to do. Just follow the steps I have illustrated here.

  • Launch Chrome browser
  • Click on the 3-dot icon on the right >from the drop-down menu select Settings
    Disable Constant Notifications on Chrome
  • Now in the Search Settings box, type Site Settings
    Chrome browser Site Settings
  • Then from the results click on Site Settings
  • In the next screen that opens, scroll down to Notifications. You can see mine is set to Ask Before Sending as I mentioned earlier. Let’s see what other options are available there.
    Notifications settings on Chrome
  • If you click and open you will see an option Sites Can Ask to Send Notifications. I have enabled it as per my need.
    Disable Constant Notifications on Chrome browser
  • You may disable it if you entirely want to disallow any website to send you notifications.

Also, if Ask to Send Notifications is enabled and you see the pop-up and block the push notifications from a website, then those websites will appear in the block list. Blocking doesn’t mean we are blocking the website content, only the notifications from that particular server have been disabled.

So, if the websites have been bothering you by sending constant push notifications, then disable them now by following this guide. Also, do check out our other troubleshooting guides for Google Chrome.

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