How To Fix Double spacing issue on my MacBook Keyboard

If you ever encountered a problem where every time you press the Space bar on your keyboard, it ends up writing double spaces instead of one. Well, this issue is very common with the new MacBook lineup, and there are many complaints about it too. So, if you have been facing this problem, it is highly likely to experience the same with other switches on your keyboard as well.

Surprisingly, all MacBook products happen to share this common problem and mostly with the space bar. Even if you try hitting the keys more delicately, it still keeps occurring again and again. So, how do we overcome such a problem? Actually, the solution to the double-spacing issue is very simple unless you are having some major problems or any kind of software issue.

How To Fix Double spacing issue on my MacBook Keyboard

How To Fix Double Spacing Issue On My MacBook Keyboard?

In this article, we have discussed some of the most common ways of fixing the issue. By following the methods as mentioned below, you can get rid of such annoying character repeat problem:

Solution 1: Switch Off Key Repeat

You may have noticed that in case you press and hold the space bar, the key repeats itself. Luckily, Mac offers you a specific option to turn off key repeat. Turning this option to Off will prevent your space key from repeating twice or more. Additionally, there is another option called Delay Until Repeat, and this option basically delays the key repeat depending on how fast or slow you chose to set it.

Now in order to turn off the key repeat option on your Mac system, follow the below steps:

  • Open the Apple menu
  • Now go to System Preferences and click on the Keyboard option.
  • Simply drag the slider to the left to turn off key repeat.

Solution 2: Clean the Keyboard

If the double-spacing problem persists even after turning off the key repeat, it indicates that there might be silly issues with your keyboard. In other words, the keys of the MacBook Butterfly contains design failure. And because of this, even a grain of sand might raise the double-spacing problem. But just like the problem, the solution seems to be a simple one as well. All you need to do is clean the keyboard with a lint-free cloth.

Also, remember to close all windows that catch up characters and functions differently. Now clean the keyboard properly with the cloth and make sure you left no solid particles in-between the switches.

Another simple method of doing so is by using compressed air. This will create rapid pressure blowing away all sorts of debris in there.

Solution 3: Stopping Periods

Since you come up with double space every time you hit the space key, it must be a period character. Fortunately, you can switch off the period character option too on your MacBook.

  • Head on to System Settings
  • Click on the Keyboard tab
  • Next, go to text
  • Untick the Period after double spacing option.

Solution 4: Servicing your MacBook Keyboard

If none of these options help resolves your MacBook keyboard issue, there are high chances of some software problems. In such a case, if you are using a MacBook Pro model of 2015 or later, Apple will then allow free keyboard service. Moreover, users complain of the same issue more often so, its nothing unexpected to suffer something like this. In fact, Apple itself has recognized this issue of repeating characters and spaces. Just make sure if your model is eligible for a free keyboard service or not.


So this is how we can fix the double spacing issue with our MacBook keyboard. If you are lucky enough, the first three options might work out for you. Otherwise, if you have a new model, at least the ones after 2015, you can get a free Apple service. Let us know what kind of problems you faced with your MacBook keyboard, and how did you resolve it?

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