Escape From Tarkov Postman Pat Guide | How to Complete

Escape From Tarkov is a multiplayer FPS game released in 2017, and players are still figuring out how to play the more difficult quests. It can be confusing to new players as their hints are pretty vague. However, we will show you how you can complete one of Postman Pat’s quests in this walkthrough.

How to Complete Postman Pat Quest in Escape From Tarkov

There are a lot of realistic and hardcore quests in Escape from Tarkov, where players must play in groups or solo and make their way to the extraction point on the other side of the map to win the match. They must meet various requirements to fulfil the mission, and sometimes they have additional quests.

To complete the Postman Pat quest, there are some steps that you need to follow carefully. First, you should ensure that you have reached at least level 10 in the game, or you won’t be eligible for the task.

You will need to search for an item, a letter by Prapor – the quest giver. This letter is in a specific location, so you won’t need to look too hard to find it. However, you will need to beat the five other players, as they will be trying to loot it simultaneously.

Make your way over to the right side of the Factory, where you will find the Gate 0 extract. The letter will be in a small bunker, but you must watch out for other players trying to kill you. This quest can’t be completed if you die, so you must be careful.

The bunker is on the front right of the Factory office building. You’ll know you’re in the right place when you see a wall with the number 1986 painted on it. This wall marks the letter’s location, which is inside the bunker.

Enter the bunker to find the dead messenger’s body which contains the letter. You will need to physically search the body instead of searching like any other object. This means that you will need to look inside his jacket until you find the letter. If you’re having trouble, the game will notify you if you get close to it. It’s on the left side of the jacket, so you can find it in no time. Click on the letter to pick it up.

Once you have the letter in your inventory, all you need to do is extract successfully. In case you die with the letter, the quest will not be complete, and you’ll need to do it all over again. Survive the raid and make it to the Therapist for the next part of the quest.

Postman Pat Quest First Part Reward

Here are the rewards for completing the first part of the Postman Pat quest:

  • 5,900 EXP
  • Prapor Rep +0.02
  • ANA Tactical Beta 2 Battle backpack
  • 6B2 body armor (Flora)
  • 40,000 Roubles
    • 42,000 Roubles with Intelligence Center Level 1
    • 46,000 Roubles with Intelligence Center Level 2

As Escape from Tarkov has a quest system where you will need to complete each quest with only one NPC, the first part of the Postman Pat quest ends with the successful extraction of the letter. Part II will need you to take the letter to the Therapist, following with you will complete the second part of the quest.

Postman Pat Quest Second Part Reward

The second part of the Postman Pat quest rewards you with the following:

  • 3,500 EXP
  • Therapist Rep +0.02
  • Unlocks Salewa first aid kit at Therapist LL2
  • 5,000 Roubles
    • 5,250 Roubles with Intelligence Center Level 1
    • 5,750 Roubles with Intelligence Center Level 2

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