How to Fix This file isn’t playable. 0xc10100bf Error in Video Files

Media players like VLC, Mx Players etc have Video and Audio codecs. These codecs tell the Video player what type of audio and video a video file consists of. If the media player doesn’t have the necessary video and audio codecs for a particular video format. Then you will confront 0xc10100bf Error, which states that the Video File isn’t playable.

So if you have encountered the 0xc10100bf error, Does it means that the Media Player you are using doesn’t support the video file?  Probably no, but yes, it is very possible that the video file you are trying to load a wrong extension.

People have recently reported that they are facing 0xc10100bf error, which shows the Video is not playable. So, how to fix it? To fix it you must know the possible causes. We have mentioned a few reasons here, but there are more possible causes to go through.

Along with the possible reasons for the 0xc10100bf error, here in this article we also have mentioned the best possible solutions to fix the 0xc10100bf Error.

0xc10100bf Error in Video Files

Possible Reasons for the 0xc10100bf Error

  • No necessary Audio and Video codecs to Play the Video File. It means you are using an incompatible Media player. Keep your media player outdated to have all the necessary video codecs.
  • A wrong Extension won’t help the Media payer to load the video, it will mess up while loading. Therefore you will have to rename it to the original video format extension to be able to play it.
  • A malware embedded to the video or in your PC can be a reason, you can fix that by running the Windows Visus and Protection Scan.
  • It is possible that the Video file has been damaged or corrupted, therefore you will have to repair it.
  • If you are incompatible media player that wasn’t supposed to load a particular type of Video format. Then it is the most likely reasonable cause for the 0xc10100bf error.

How to Fix This file isn’t playable. 0xc10100bf Error in Video Files

Fix 1: Using a compatible and updated Media Player

If while loading a video file onto a particular media file is giving you the 0xc10100bf error, then firstly download and install other popular Video/ Media players like VLC, MX player, etc on your PC.

Then try o load the Video using VLC, Mx and other Media players, if thee file supports one of the Media players then you will know the video file is compatible with that Media Player.

However, since VLC and Mx player is the latest media players, it will almost support every Media file. Therefore, it is highly suggested to download and install VLC if you getting the error in Windows Media Player.

Also, make sure that the media player has been updated to the latest recent version. one other perk of using VLC that you can check the codecs that the Video is using and can select the Always Fix option to fix any damaged or incomplete AVI files.

0xc10100bf Error in Video Files

Similar features are also available to other popular Media players. If the video file requires a specific codec, you can add the codec to VLC manually too.

Fix 2: Correcting the Extension of the Video File

It is possible that the video is in an unknown format extension which the media player can’t process. Therefore right-click on the video file, go to properties. Move to the general tab, and in the name section, remove the extension and rewrite with common extensions like, .AVI or .MP4.

However, this method might sometimes not work to change the video extension, therefore you must use a video converter application. There are other online services which can save your time to convert a Video File.  But if the video you have an unknown extension, rename it to the common extension first otherwise converter app may not process the video.

Note: You can also use VLC Media Player to convert a video file.

Fix 3: Using an Application to Repair Broken Videos ( WonderShare, Stella Repair)

If you are sure that the error you are facing is because your video file is damaged. Then download a video repair app like Stella repair or WonderShare, these apps will help you to fix the corrupted video. Here we will show the steps on how to fix a broken video using Wondershare on your PC.

Download Filmora Video Repair Tool

0xc10100bf Error in Video Files

Launch the software and hit the Repair button at the left, and wait for a few minutes to complete the process. Then you will get notified once it’s done, also you can have a preview.


Lastly, click on the Save button and go to your desired directory and save it. After that, you can run the video and check if oxc10100bf error has been fixed.


If you are facing the 0xc10100bf error, then the first thing you should do is try to run the video in other devices and media players. Update the media player you are using, or use common media player apps like VLC, Mx player, etc which supports many codecs. In general, make sure that you are using a compatible Media player to play the video and resolving the 0xc10100bf error.

It is possible the extension is incorrect, therefore manually change the extension of the video file to more commonly known extensions like MP4 or AVI. Also, you can use VLC and other apps to convert the video file into a known extension so that your media player can play it.

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