How to Fix Flashing is Not Allowed in Lock State Error

When it comes to utilizing the open-source ecosystem to its full potential, tech enthusiasts have a number of options to choose from. In addition, users can flash customized and modified Android ROMs or gain access to the system partition, as well as replace the device’s stock recovery with one such a TWRP. But, sometimes, users get stuck while flashing ROM on their smartphones as they get an error “flashing is not allowed in lock state.” Well, that’s the reason why we are here. In this article, we have mentioned every possible fix that will help you resolve this problem. So, let’s get started with the guide.

How to Fix Flashing is Not Allowed in Lock State Error

How to Fix Flashing is Not Allowed in Lock State Error

It is important to note that the below process will wipe all of your device’s data, so take a full backup before continuing. It may also result in your device’s warranty being void (once the bootloader? partition has been unlocked). Getdroidtips members aren’t responsible if anything happens to your device or data as a result of following the steps below:

Fix 1: Flash File in FastbootD Mode

Fastboot/Bootloader Mode is the biggest culprit here, even though FastbootD Mode is intended for flashing a file. You will no longer receive the Failed (remote: Flashing is not allowed for Critical Partitions) error if you boot your device to FastobootD using the shorter instruction below:

  • Using ADB Mode, boot to FastbootD
adb reboot fastboot
  • Start FastbootD from Fastboot Mode:
fastboot reboot fastboot
  • To boot into FastbootD from Recovery Mode:
Press and hold the Vol keys, then press and hold the Power key

Fix 2: Unlock Critical Partitions

In order to make understanding the instructions easier, they have been broken down into separate sections. It is important to follow the same sequence as described above.

  1. Make sure USB Debugging and OEM Unlock are enabled.
  2. Thereafter, you will need to install the Android SDK.
  3. Get your bootloader unlocked.
  4. By using Fastboot commands, you can unblock critical partitions:
    • The first step is to connect your device to the PC via a USB cable and enable USB Debugging.
    • Afterward, go to the platform tools folder and type CMD in the address bar. Upon clicking this, the Command Prompt will open.
    • Thereafter, you can boot your device into Fastboot Mode by typing the following command in the CMD window:
      adb reboot bootloader
    • Last but not least, run the following command to unlock the critical; partitions:
      fastboot flashing unlock_critical
    • You’re done. Your device can now be rebooted via the following command:
      fastboot reboot

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So, that’s all we have for you on how to fix flashing is not allowed in lock state error. We hope that this guide has helped you. For more info, comment below and let us know.

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