Galaxy Watch 4 Sleep Tracking Not Working, Is There Any Fix?

Samsung has recently released the latest Galaxy Watch 4 in a couple of variants that offers plenty of useful and advanced features out of the box. This time the Watch 4 from Samsung has come with Google’s Wear OS on top of One UI Watch 3 skin instead of Tizen OS which is a big advantage. But a couple of Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 users are reporting that the Sleep Tracking is not working properly.

Now, if you’re also using a Galaxy Watch 4 and facing the same issue even after using the Samsung Galaxy handset then you may ask Is There Any Fix? Well, we’ll check it out in this article. According to multiple Galaxy Watch 4 users, the sleep tracking is really bad on it and there are a couple of consistency or accuracy issues too.

Galaxy Watch 4 Sleep Tracking Not Working, Is There Any Fix?

Galaxy Watch 4 Sleep Tracking Not Working, Is There Any Fix?

Although the smartwatch is full of features, customizations, and looks stunning than its predecessor, most of the users are meant to choose it for accurate and improved fitness tracking as well as sleep tracking. According to multiple reports, whenever users wake up at midnight for drinking water or go to the toilet by chance then the Galaxy Watch 4 stops sleep tracking and counts as a full sleep.

But after drinking water or returning from the toilet, users again go to sleep for a couple of hours until morning which the Galaxy Watch 4 doesn’t count at all. This is happening to most of the users and every day. Even the whole night sleep seems to considered as light sleep mostly and the deep sleep or rem sleep doesn’t fall that much into the list which is really bad as a sleep tracker.

Additionally, the automatic Bedtime mode while going to sleep, non-tracking of Sleep Blood Oxygen, and inability to make contactless payments with the Galaxy Watch 4 are still one of the disadvantages for some of the users. Well, if you’re also encountering such issues or mentioned things are lacking on your smartwatch then you’ll have to wait further.

As of now, there is nothing to do from your end except for waiting. Hopefully, Samsung will soon release a software update for the mobile app or Galaxy Watch 4 to easily fix such issues. We’ll update this article once there will be a fix available.

That’s it, guys. We assume this guide was helpful to you. For further queries, you can comment below.

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    1. This just happened to me only it missed first 4 hours. And last night didn’t track at all. I have updated every, so annoying

  1. In the week I’ve had the watch 4, Ive only recorded 36 minutes of deep sleep.
    Several nights Ive woken up to take a drink from my bedside glass of water and tracking has stopped completely.
    Im very disappointed.

  2. My galaxy watch 4classic 46mm records about 1.5 hours and then that’s it. I get up through the night so need to track my sleep due to health reasons. I have just purchased mine on 01.02.2022. Everything else seems fine but this is disappointing. Are samsung actually aware of the fault so they can correct it? Jason

  3. My watch (galaxy 4) tracked my sleep for the first week or so semi properly as far as I could tell. Then one night I went to sleep, woke up to put it on the charger b4 going back to sleep. But when I took it off the charger and put it back on it didn’t record my 2nd sleep.and hasn’t been recording my all since

  4. The new watch is worse than my old one in several ways. Sleep tracking not working is one of them. According to my watch I’ve slept one night the last week, and a few hours another night.

    I’m wearing it tight enough (tighter hurts) and it doesn’t matter.

    Also the “wear detection” to keep the screen lock off doesn’t work, so I had to disable the screen lock to prevent getting annoyed at it. Which means I can’t use it for mobile payments either, because it deletes your cards if you disable the screen lock. But entering my pin dozens and dozens of times a day. Eugh.

    I can’t believe this didn’t get fixed during testing.

  5. Well thats useless.. Mine has worked perfectly for the last 8 months since I bought it, up until 3 weeks ago (last update) and now it will not record any sleep no matter what I try.

  6. I make sure there is at least 50% battery before i got o bed
    It some time does not record whole sleep
    Some time mises few hour of sleep before and after.

  7. Anyone ever find out how to fix this?? It’s waiting too long to start recording me as asleep a lot of the time, but it’s also showing me as asleep for literally hours when I was definitely awake!!

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