Fix: Gdi32full.dll is Missing or Not Found Error

The gdi32full.dll file is a Dynamic Link Library (DLL) used by various programs, and this file is an essential component of the Microsoft Graphics Device Interface in Windows. If the gdi32full.dll file gets corrupted or misplaced, Windows users might encounter an error message that states, “This application failed to start because gdi32.dll was not found. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.”

How to fix “Gdi32full.dll is Missing or Not Found Error”

In Windows, the gdi32full.dll file is crucial for the performance of Graphics, Video displays, and Printer. So, the “gdi32full.dll is missing or not found” error occurs when users cannot run certain programs in their Windows system. If you are also experiencing the same error, then you are in the right place. This article has gathered some effective fixes that will help you get rid of this error.

Fix 1: Scan the files using the System File Checker:

Windows operating system is having a build-in system file checker tool to scan, repair, and restore the Windows system files. Users can follow the steps given below to fix the Gdi32full.dll missing or not found an error. This process is also known as the SFC scan.

  •       Press Windows key + X from the keyboard and select the command prompt (admin) option from the context menu.  In short, run the command prompt as an admin.
  •       Type the ‘sfc/scannow’ command in the command prompt and hit the Enter button to execute it.
  •       It will begin the system scan; the user should wait for a couple of minutes to finish the system scan.
  •       After completing the scan, it will display the message like “Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files and successfully repaired them.”
  •       Once the process is done, users can restart their system and check whether the issue is solved or not.

Fix 2: Update the Graphics card drivers of the system:

Users can also update the system’s graphics card drivers because the outdated or corrupted graphics card drivers can be the reason behind the gdi32full.dll is missing or not found error. You can follow the below steps to update the device graphics card drivers.

  •  Press Windows key + X from the keyboard and select  Device Manager from the list.
  •  Expand the Display Adapter category in the Device Manager window.
  •  Right-click on your graphic card name and select the Update Driver Software option.
  • From the next window, select “Search automatically for updated driver software” option. Users need to have an active internet connection for this step.
  • After this, the system will automatically update the graphics drivers of your computer.
  • Users can also visit the graphics card manufacturer’s official site and update the graphics drivers of your device.
  • Finally, restart your system and check the issue is solved or not.

Fix 3: Reinstall the affected program:

If the user is getting the Gdi32full.dll is missing or not found error for the specific program only then, the user can restart the system and reinstall the affected program using the steps given here.

  •  Press Window key + R altogether to launch the Run dialog box.
  • Then type “appwiz. cpl” in the text box and click on the OK button.
  • In the Programs and Features window, you can see list of all installed programs in the system.
  • Now, right-click on the program you wish to uninstall in the list and click on the Uninstall button.
  • Then follow the on-screen instruction to uninstall that program from the system.
  • After that, restart your system and download and install the updated version of the affected program.
  • Once done, gdi32full.dll is missing or not found error would get resolved.

Fix 4: Download the fresh Gdi32full.dll file:

Downloading the fresh Gdi32full.dll file from the internet is another way to resolve the Gdi32full.dll missing or not found error. Users can follow the steps given below to download the new Gdi32full.dll file.

  •  Firstly, open your web browser. There are many DLL websites like from which you can download DLL files.
  •  Download the zip file for the Gdi32full.dll file. Users need to download files depending on the 32-bit or 64-bit Windows operating they are using.
  •  Then open this Zip file using File Explorer and click on the button Extract all.
  •  Next, you need to choose Browse to select the folder you need to extract the DLL file, then click on the Extract button.
  •  Now go to the folder you extracted the gdi32full.dll file.
  •  Then select gdi32full.dll and select the option Copy to button.
  •  Next, copy the file to the System32 folder. (the 64-bit Windows have SysWOW64 folder)
  •  Now you need to delete early downloaded original gdi32full,dll from the folder.
  •  And you need to register the new gdi32full.dll.
  •  To register that, Launch the command prompt as an admin.
  •  Type “regsvr32 gdi32full.dll” on the command prompt and hit the Enter button. This will register your new gdi32full.dll file.
  • Finally, restart your computer and check if the error persists.

Fix 5: Run the complete system Antivirus scan:

Sometimes, the Gdi32full.dll file missing or not found error might occur due to virus or malware attack. This virus or malware can corrupt the system or DLL files. In such cases, the full system antivirus scan might help to fix the issue. Users can scan the complete system by using any powerful antivirus program.

Fix 6: Run a clean boot of Windows:

The clean boot might help fix the Gdi32full.dll missing or not found error if it occurs because of the third-party applications. Clean boot avoids all the startup programs and services. Users can perform the clean boot by using the following steps;

  •  Launch the Windows Run box and type “msconfig” in the text box and click on the OK button.
  •  Now, you will enter the System Configuration window.
  •  In the System Configuration window, go to the Services tab and tick the checkbox besides Hide all Microsoft services option.
  •  Next, click on the Disable all button.
  • After that, select the Selective startup option under the General tab.
  • Here, uncheck the Load startup items option present under the Selective startup option.
  • Along with this, you need to make sure Load system services and Use original boot configuration options are checked.
  • Then click on the Apply and OK button to save the changes.
  • Finally, click on the restart in the next dialog box and check whether the error is fixed or not.

Fix 7: Restore Windows to an earlier state:

If the Windows update and clean boot are unable to fix the gdi32full.dll file is missing or not found error, users can restore their Windows OS to the earlier state. For doing so,

  • Firstly, open the run dialog box by pressing Windows key +R altogether.
  • In the dialog box, type “rstrui,” then press the OK button.
  • Now, the System Restore window will appear on the screen; click the Next button.
  • There select Show more restore points, then from the listed restore points select a date to roll Windows back.
  • Next, you can select the option Scan for affected programs to understand which applications are uninstalled for the restore point.
  • Finally, press Next to confirm the selected restore point and press the Finish button to proceed.

The error gdi32full.dll file is missing or not found is not a complicated or insoluble one. However, until you fix the error, it will keep users from running certain programs. Hence, in this article, we have tried to provide effective fixes to solve this error.

All the solutions provided in this article are reliable and tested. Users can easily resolve the error gdi32full.dll file is missing or not found by referring this article. If you have any queries or feedback, please write down the comment in the below comment box.

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