Fix Google Docs Auto Saving Not Working Issue

Autosaving in google docs helps to quickly save the progress you made in creating or editing a doc file. As it’s compatible with MS Word, users often use both these word processors. In Docs, automatically saving the content stores it in Google Drive. While it is a useful feature sometimes it doesn’t work. In this guide, let us discuss why Google Docs auto-saving feature fails and how we can fix it up.

I have put up various easy troubleshooting methods that you can use to solve this problem. I know its very irritating when you have updated a lot of content but autosave won’t work. This will lead to the loss of all the hard work you did on that doc file. Normally, most the people using Google Doc do not manually save as the process happen automatically. So, at one point if autosaving doesn’t work, and you have not saved manually, then you will lose content on your file. However, we can solve the problem. Let’s check out the steps.

Google Docs

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Reasons Why Google Docs Auto Saving Not Working

If you are curious why does this problem occurs, then check out the few reasons I have mentioned below.

  • Poor internet connectivity
  • Denial of your access to a file by the admin of the file [if it’s a file that has joint edit access to 2 or more people]
  • Sync Error due to server problems, bad internet connectivity, or insufficient memory issues.
  • Accidental Deletion during editing or updating the Google Doc file

Troubleshooting Methods to Fix Google Docs Auto Saving Error

Now, let’s solve the issue of Google Docs auto-saving not working. Here are the various troubleshooting methods you should follow.

Check The Internet Connection

Often a poor internet status will lead to disconnection and hence resulting in loss of your work on a doc file. While you would be busy working, the internet will drop out and you will be wondering why the autosave is not working. Then you realize it’s the internet that gave up midway. Normally, as you start typing in the doc file and when you pause, the auto-saving feature kicks in and saves the progress you made in that file.

If there is a disruption in internet connectivity, then you will see a message Trying to connect. at the top of the screen where the edit status of the doc file shows.

Google docs connection Lost

Try to reconnect to your internet connection and automatically the doc will save the current progress. Make sure not to close the doc file while the internet is down.

Sync Error with Google Drive

Sometimes the Google Drive may have issues in syncing properly with the PC you are using. Then the related online application suite of Google also doesn’t work as intended. So, you have to troubleshoot the problem. Here is a guide to fix Google Drive if it doesn’t sync on your PC.

Access Denied to Edit the File

If 2 or 3 users are simultaneously editing a doc file, then maybe for some reason the person-in-charge revokes your edit access and if it happens midway of your edit session, then the auto-saving feature may not save your current work.

So, you can reach out to the person-in-charge of the editing of doc files and let him/her know that you are not able to access, edit, or save content on your file. Maybe by mistake, they blocked edit access to that file.

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Undo Deleted Files

If you are in the middle of editing a doc file and you or someone else with access to the file deletes the file unknowingly, then you can’t save your progress. Check in the Trash section of Google Drive. If the file is there, then restore it.

  • Open Trash on the left-hand panel of Google Drive
    Google drive trash
  • Right-click on the deleted file > click Restore
    Restore deleted file from Google Drive Trash

Install Google Doc Offline Extension

It’s another great solution to deal with auto-saving errors in Google doc. Simply install the offline extensions and then use the online word processor to create or edit your document file. You will not face any hassle of losing work if internet connection disrupts or the server gets busy.

Use Google Docs Offline extension to fix auto saving error

Version History to the Rescue

If the auto-saving feature is not working, then you can use the version history of the doc file to see the various timelines when the document went through edits and content updates.

  • While the doc file is open click File > navigate to Version History > expand and click See version History
  • Also, use the shortcut Ctrl + Alt + Shift + H to access it
    Access version history of google doc file
  • You will see on the right-hand side, various timelines of the same document file will show up. I mean the date and time regarding when it was updated will all be there.
    version history Google Docs
  • The latest edit/update will be on the top dubbed as Current Version.
  • If auto-save doesn’t work, then you can click on any of the timelines as per your convenience to access the doc file and edit the content.

So, that’s it. If you face auto-saving error while using Google Docs, then I’m sure this guide will solve your problem for good. Try these troubleshoot methods and if you have any doubts let us know in the comments.

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