How to fix GPS problem on Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro [Troubleshoot]

Every person having a smartphone depends on GPS for his/her daily tasks. This GPS helps people to order food, book a cab or even track the shortest route to reach the destination. Now, what if the GPS itself does not work? This will definitely be trouble for most of the people. Have you faced an issue with the GPS in your Redmi 6 Pro? If yes, then read the below guide and know the steps to solve the same.

GPS tracking facility was not so dependable earlier but this has now become one of the important aspects of a smartphone. Imagine that you are trying really hard to connect to the GPS on your smartphone by using Google Maps or any other map service. You find that the GPS is not at all turning on or the map is not providing the user accurate details. This is considered to be one of the many GPS issues that the users face on a daily basis. Here are a few 360-degree solution guides that will help you to fix the GPS problem on your Redmi 6 Pro.

How to fix GPS problem on Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro [Troubleshoot]

Steps to fix the GPS Issue on Redmi 6 Pro

Toggle GPS

The easiest and quickest way to solve your problem is to toggle the GPS so that it gets a chance to refresh itself.

Toggle Airplane Mode

Simply toggle it few times similar to how you toggled GPS in the previous method and this must fix the problem right away.

Reboot the device

Rebooting is particularly a popular method to fix any and every problem that you might see or notice on a smartphone.

Turn on the high-accuracy mode

If your phone is unable to detect an accurate location or say it shows an inaccurate location, it is possible that the high-accuracy mode on your phone is disabled. You can enable this feature on Redmi 6 Pro and see if the GPS problem resolves

Refresh GPS/A-GPS

GPS isn’t working properly or the location-based details aren’t accurate. All these issues can be fixed by refreshing GPS or A-GPS on your Redmi 6 Pro.

Remove phone case/cover

It is quite possible that something is obstructing the GPS radio signals sent from cell towers and satellites towards phone’s GPS receiver. Since radio signals are easily obstructed, even the phone case or cover made up of objectionable material or something which can cause radio waves to attenuate or cause a disturbance in transmission can cause bad signal reception.

Calibrate the compass

It happens a lot of times that you are checking out your location on Google Maps or any other service that you use and the location is inaccurate. Although it is possible that a poor internet connection could cause the problem, a non-calibrated compass can introduce the same problem as well.

Clear cache data

These are temporarily created and stored files that enables a phone to retrieve an app or service or process faster. Further, these cache files make a lot of things quickly but also make a system perform poorly. You can read our guide on how to clear cache and App Data in your Android Device.

Update Google Maps

Irrespective of using Google Maps or any other mapping service, an outdated app could introduce a host of errors and issues.

Update the apps/firmware

If your device still has the GPS problem even after performing all the setup, then you can try to check for a new software update or manually upgrade to new stock firmware on Redmi 6 Pro. To check for a software update, you can simply follow our guide on how to check software update on Redmi 6 Pro. It was announced that a software update will debug and resolve the issue users are facing.

Check via GPS Essentials

The app ‘GPS Essentials’ will enable the user to verify if the Redmi 6 Pro GPS problem is because of a hardware issue or a software issue.

Restore factory

If the problem still persists even after following up the first step, then try to perform a factory reset on Redmi 6 Pro. Follow our tutorial on how to perform factory hard reset on Redmi 6 Pro.

Seek help from the service provider

The above guide will help you to solve the issue. If it still doesn’t work, it is very important to seek help from the service center. Make sure to get it fixed so that the issue will never repeat again. This is just a software issue and can be solved by the showroom staff if cannot be done on your own. I hope the above guide has helped you in solving the issue. Leave us a feedback or a comment in the below comment section if you have any doubts and we will make sure to respond as soon as possible.

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