How to Fix Trust Relationship Between Workstation and Primary Domain Fails

It is important to fix Trust Relationship between your workstation computer and primary domain because if it fails, you will fall in trouble. There are several advantages of using a workstation as a primary domain, including a centralized and simplified management system. However, one might encounter a Trust relationship between workstation and primary domain fails error on your screen. The error is major on users with Windows 10 official build.

Windows server is a popular operating system to connect many machines with one single server or administrator. Even more, all the machines can have their unique account. Files can be shared, transferred, and viewed easily through computers. Windows server has two ways to manage servers; one is the Workgroup, where the main machine can share information up to ten computers, and the other is Domain infrastructure.

Using Domain infrastructure, the main device can connect up to thousands of computers. Workgroups are used for a few people, while Domain infrastructure needs a dedicated server to run as it will run on thousands of computers. However, there are some errors that users often face. Such error is The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed. This occurs due to a lack of compatibility among the old version of Windows and the new version of windows. However, there is no definite reason for the error, but there are few solutions that you can try to fix the issue. Read the troubleshooting solutions mentioned below to know how to fix the issue.

How to Fix Trust Relationship Between Workstation and Primary Domain Fails

How to Fix Trust Relationship Between Workstation and Primary Domain Fails?

There are several ways to fix the issue fo trust relationship fail error message. The problem is often caused due to internet tt issues, DHCP client issues, and in-valuable permission errors. So we will help you troubleshoot for each of these settings so you can fix the trust relationship between workstation and primary domain fails error message. After following these methods, the problem will solve automatically.

Re-Establishing Trust using PowerShell

Step 1)  Log in to Windows 10 as an Administrator and type PowerShell in the Windows search bar.


Step 2) Right-click on the PowerShell app and run it as an Administrator, click on yes if any prompt appears.

Step 3) Now, in the PowerShell app type, the following command     $credential = Get-Credential and press Enter. A prompt will appear asking you the domain name and password, enter the name and password and click on the OK button.

Fix Trust Relationship Between Workstation and Primary Domain Fails

Step 4) After you have confirmed your domain name and password type the following command and press Enter on your keyboard.

Reset-ComputerMachinePassword -Credential $credential

Step 5) Your trust has been re-established, now close the PowerShell and restart your computer. You can now log in to Windows 10 using the domain account.

Adding the domain controller to the Credential Manager

Step 1) Log on to your Windows account as an Administrator and press the Windows Key + R, the Run Dialog box will appear. Type

control.exe /name Microsoft.CredentialManager

and click on the OK button to open the Credential Manager.


Step 2) Click on the Windows Credential option on the right.

Fix Trust Relationship Between Workstation and Primary Domain Fails

Step 3)  Type your network location address, domain name, and the password to your credential.

Step 4) Click on the OK button to confirm, close the credential manager, and restart the computer. Now, you can log in to Windows 10 using the domain user account.

Resetting your Computer Account

Step 1)  Open up the Windows Run Dialog box by pressing the Windows key + R and type dsa.msc, click on the OK button to open the Active Directory User and Computers.

Step 2) Click on the domain name on the left pane of the window to expand the directory and choose Computer.

Step 3) Right-Click on the computer account which you are unable to connect on the right pane of the Window, and select the Reset Account option.

Step 4) Now, click on the Yes button to confirm and click OK. Close the Active Directory User and Computers and restart your device. Log in to Windows 10 using your domain user account.

Using Netdom.exe to Reset the Account Password

Step 1)  Using your Domain Administrator account log in to Windows 10 and open up the Command Prompt by simply typing cmd in the Windows search bar.

Step 2)  Type the following command in the command prompt and press Enter.

netdom resetpwd /s:server /ud:domain\User /pd:*

Fix Trust Relationship Between Workstation and Primary Domain Fails

Note: Type your domain name where there is S. For Example, s:user and you can type the new password where there is pd. For Example, pd:123456.

Step 3)  Close the command prompt, move to the Windows client computer, and restart the device. Now, you can log in to Windows from the domain user account using the new password.

Checking your DHCP Configuration

There are two ways to check your DHCP configuration. However, we are showing the simple method to clear the confusion.

Step 1) Press the Windows Key + R to open up the Run Dialog box, type dhcpmgmt.msc, and click on the OK button to open up the DHCP Management Tool.

Step 2) Now, on the left pane of the Window, click on the DHCP and expand it further as following\IPv4\Scope.

Step 3) Click on the Address Pool to check if your host is configured properly to the client. You must know your network address to check; For Example, if your network address is and the configured network is, then you must change it to the proper address. Click on the network address and re-write it and Close the DHCP Management tool.

Rejoining a Computer from the Domain

Step 1) Log in to Windows 10 as an Administrator and open up the File Explorer. On the left pane of the Window right-click on This PC and select Properties.

Step 2) Now on the Properties window and click on the Advanced System Settings option. In the Computer Name tab and click on the change button.

Step 3) To add a device to your Workgroup, choose the Workgroup option, and type whatever you want to name it.

Fix Trust Relationship Between Workstation and Primary Domain Fails

Step 4) Click on the OK button to configure and close it, a prompt will appear, type your administrator password. Then click on the OK button again.

Step 5) Close System settings and Restart the computer. Now log in to Windows 10 again using the administrator account and open up the File Explorer. Right-Click on the This PC option and select properties. 

Step 6) Click on the Advanced System Settings, and on the Computer Name tab, click on the change button.

Step 7) Now, choose the Domain option and type your domain address.

Step 8) Click on the OK button to confirm and type your administrator password, click on the ok button again, and close the system properties. Restart your machine and now log on using the Domain user account.

Performing a System Restore

If your issue is not fixed while using the solutions mentioned above, then the last option to fix the issue to perform a System Restore. It is the best way to troubleshoot issues that can’t be fixed easily.

To perform a System restore, simply log in to your account and search for System Restore in the Windows search bar. Open the System Restore settings and restore your machine to the last restore point.


The issue of Trust Relationship Between Workstation and Primary Domain Fails is primarily caused by the above factors only. So after troubleshooting these methods, you can easily fix up the issue completely. If you feel any difficulty if following any of the troubleshooting steps above, then let u know int he comments box below. We will be happy to help you out.

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