HP DeskJet 2755e Printer Not Printing: How To Fix?

HP DeskJet 2755e users have reported the printer not working on the latest Windows 11 machine. Windows and other operating systems have built-in drivers to function the printers in the environment. Users are facing different kinds of problems while printing the content. Let’s address them all and help you figure out the root cause.

HP DeskJet 2755e

Why HP DeskJet 2755e printer is not working?

Electronic goods suffer from hardware-level problems due to defective internal components. We cannot confirm the hardware failure unless all solutions are applied. I have given a few valid points below and read to find out what triggered the printer problem.

Proprietary Drivers:

Manufacturers release printer drivers on the official website. Users should install the proprietary drivers and assist the operating system. Windows may not find the drivers for the printer through their update service. Meanwhile, you should install the supported drivers and end the compatibility problems. Your HP printer might be running on the Microsoft Basic drivers.

Corrupted Drivers:

The printer driver might be corrupted, thus creating the problem. Windows might be having trouble recognizing the machine and printing requests. Windows driver corruption is a common problem, and you can resolve the issue by reinstalling the latest drivers. I have shown you how to download and install the drivers below.

Pirated Windows and Programs:

Pirated Windows is an underlooked problem. Millions are activating Windows using illegal tools, and I have met an IT professional who branded the unknown developers’ provided tools 100% safe. I couldn’t comprehend the hypocrisy in using illegal tools because you are handing the lock keys to an unknown invader. Pirated programs are popular in many parts of the world.


Users can access the premium features of a program without paying for a subscription or license key. 99.99% of pirated programs have malware, spyware, or other harmful threat.


Similarly, malware destroys the Windows system files, and you should run the anti-virus systems periodically. Windows has the most threats compared to macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS operating systems. I recommend the readers install a third-party security system and don’t put security responsibility on Windows Defender.

System Files Corruption:

I installed Windows operating system and found a couple of broken or corrupted system files a few hours later. The operating system may have corrupted system files, and that could be causing the printer issues. Microsoft developers added tools to the software, and you use them to resolve OS issues.

Outdated Software:

Users should keep the printer firmware and Windows OS updated. The technology is moving faster, and you need the latest firmware/software for the best compatibility. Millions stop the software from updating the build version and firmware because it takes time and resources. I will show you how to update Windows, but you should contact the HP support team for printer firmware updates.

How to fix HP DeskJet 2755e is not printing in Windows?

Apply the suggested solutions and confirm your doubts regarding printer hardware failure. Grab your secondary computer or laptop and try printing a few pages. Meanwhile, you can contact the customer support team to inquire about warranty claims.

Run Windows Troubleshooter

Microsoft added a troubleshooter in the Windows 10 and later editions. Administrators can use the built-in tool to identify the problem and automate the resolution. You don’t have to intervene in applying settings or making changes to fix the printer problems.

1. Open Windows settings by pressing Windows Key + I keys.

2. Choose “System” from the settings.

3. Scroll down and choose “Troubleshoot” from the options.

Run Windows Troubleshooter (3)

4. Click on the “Other troubleshooters” option.

Run Windows Troubleshooter (4)

5. Click on the “Run” option under the printer.

Run Windows Troubleshooter (5)

6. A pop-up appears on the screen. Do not interrupt the scanning process.

Run Windows Troubleshooter (6)

7. The troubleshooter will find a solution for you.

Run Windows Troubleshooter (7)

The troubleshooter found no problems with the services, drivers, and printer program. Move on to the next solution if the printer problems persist.

Inspect Printer

The printer may have stopped working due to minor issues. You should take time and inspect the machine physically. Check a couple of things before printing a document.

Inspect Printer Physically

a. Check the cables and connections.

b. Clean the cables, machine, and ports using a dry cloth.

c. Check the cartridge status.

d. The A4 size paper is stuck in the machine.

Dust is a powerful agent and destroys even high-quality material over time. Clean the cables, ports, and equipment periodically.

Update Printer Drivers Manually

Use Windows Update and update the printer drivers manually. I have shown you how to download the drivers from the HP official website. The proprietary drivers create a communication line between computer and printer. Do not skip the solution & follow the tutorial to download and install the prerequisites.

1. Open “Device Manager” from the search results.

Update Printer Drivers Manually (1)

2. Find “Printer” from the devices and click on the drop-down icon to view detected devices.

Update Printer Drivers Manually (2)

3. Choose “Properties” and right-mouse click to view more options.

Update Printer Drivers Manually (3)

4. A new window appears, and click on “Driver” from the top menu.

Update Printer Drivers Manually (4)

5. Click on the “Update Driver” option.

Update Printer Drivers Manually (5)

6. A new window appears, and click on “Search automatically for drivers” from the two options.

Update Printer Drivers Manually (6)

7. Windows PC has the best driver for the device.

Update Printer Drivers Manually (7)

I have shown you how to install printer drivers manually using the HP tool. Follow the tutorial below and learn how to allow the HP program to do the job.

Update HP Printer Drivers

HP has developed proprietary software designed for printers. Install the program on the Windows PC and let the HP software find the drivers for your system. The lightweight program is available on the official website and Microsoft Store. I will show you how to download and install the program without complications.

1. Go to HP’s DeskJet 2755e official page.

2. Click on the “Install” button.

Update HP Printer Drivers (2)

3. The page redirects to the Microsoft Store listing. Click on the “Get in the Store app” button.

Update HP Printer Drivers (3)

4. The MS Store pop-ups on the PC and click on the “Get” button.

Update HP Printer Drivers (4)

5. Click on the “Open” button.

Update HP Printer Drivers (5)

6. Click “Set Up a New Printer” or sign in to the account.

Update HP Printer Drivers (6)

Sign in to the HP account if you have created it earlier. The account holds warranty information and billing information. Let the HP program install the necessary prerequisites.

Use HP Diagnostic Tool

HP developed a dedicated diagnostic tool for the company-manufactured machines. The proprietary tool generates a report that may indicate a hardware failure. Let me show you how to download, install and use the HP Print and Scan Doctor for Windows.

1. Go to the official HP site.

2. Click on the “Diagnostic Tool-Fixes installation and driver issues” option.

Use HP Diagnostic Tool (2)


3. Click the “Download” button beside HP Print and Scan Doctor for Windows.

Use HP Diagnostic Tool (3)


4. Save and launch the executable program.

Use HP Diagnostic Tool (4)


5. Click on the “Start” button.

Use HP Diagnostic Tool (5)


6. Let the diagnostic tool scan for the printer connected to the system.

Use HP Diagnostic Tool (6)


7. Select the product and continue.

Use HP Diagnostic Tool (7)


You can give feedback to the HP team. The developers may improve the program in the distant future.

Set Default Printer

Windows automates most of the devices and hardware components. You don’t have to step up to set the devices as default manually. Many programs fail to detect the default devices due to software limitations or lack of support. Take action and set your printer as your default machine.

1. Press the Start key and open “Control Panel” from the search bar.

Set Printer as Default (1)

2. Choose “Hardware and Sound” from the menu.

Set Printer as Default (2)

3. Click “Devices and Printers” from the option.

Set Printer as Default (3)

4. Find your printer.

Set Printer as Default (4)

5. Select the connected printer from the devices.

Set Printer as Default (5)

6. Right-click the mouse and click on the “Set as default printer” option.

Set Printer as Default (6)

7. A confirmation shows up on the screen. Click “OK” to save the changes.

Set Printer as Default (7)

8. A green check mark appears on the default printer.

Set Printer as Default (8)

The green check mark indicates that you have successfully set the connected printer as the default device. Restart the Windows machine and close all background running programs.

Scan Windows PC

Malwarebytes Scan

Privacy invaders target Windows more than macOS and Linux operating systems. The majority in the world is more likely to install Windows than Apple’s macOS or open-source led Linux software. Run an anti-virus system to remove viruses, spyware, adware, malware, etc.
I’m using Malwarebytes (free) for the task. The anti-virus company didn’t sponsor us, and I’m using the program for two years. The free version has a premium scan feature that wipes out the threats, and you don’t have to pay a penny. Remove pirated programs and switch to Windows genuine copy. You can try Linux if you don’t want to buy a Windows license.

Disable Antivirus System

Anti-virus systems have gotten more advanced than they used to be. Consumer cybersecurity companies have created a wide range of packages for home users. I have reviewed a few antivirus solutions that manage Firewalls. The proprietary Firewall controls the Windows PC, and they have the power to block suspicious devices. I don’t recommend the readers disable the Firewall unless you know what you are doing.

Bottom Line

Most PC owners get confused when the HP DeskJet 2755e printer is not working. I do recommend the readers approach the HP service center or customer care for further assistance. HP offers one year warranty on the DeskJet 2755e and you can claim the policy for free repairs or replacement.

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