Huawei Y7a PPA-LX2 Test Point to Remove FRP, Huawei ID, and User Lock

Huawei Y7a (PPA-LX2) is one of the latest budget segment smartphones from Huawei that runs on Android 10 on top of EMUI 10.1 skin and it doesn’t have Google Play Services out of the box. The handset is equipped with a Kirin 710A SoC and capable of handling daily tasks whatsoever. But if you’re one of the Huawei Y7a PPA-LX2 users and want to find out Test Point to Remove FRP lock, User Lock, and Firmware Flashing then follow this article.

Here we’ll gonna share how you can find out the Huawei Y7a PPA-LX2 Test Point or get into the Download Mode (Emergency Download Mode) so that you can perform multiple advanced level tasks by yourself. You can basically use this test point in any box-like tools such as the MRT key tool, UFI, UMT, Medusa. All you need is to just shot the gold point to the ground and then connect a USB cable.

Why Do We Need Test Point?

  • Install the firmware file on Huawei Y7a.
  • You can remove Huawei ID using Test Point
  • Repair IMEI and NVRAM using it
  • Restore or Unbrick dead Huawei Y7a by flashing firmware.
  • Easy to remove FRP lock or screen lock

Where to Find Test Point in Huawei Y7a

  • First, Download and Install Huawei USB Drivers on Windows PC.
  • Remove the back panel of the Huawei Y7a device carefully. Try not to damage hardware parts.
  • Now, check the screenshot below to find out the Huawei Y7a Test Points.

Huawei PPA-Lx2 Test Point

How to Remove Huawei Y7a PPA-LX2 FRP Lock

You can easily use the EFT dongle, UMT dongle, Octopus FRP tool, MRT key tool, etc to remove FRP (Factory Reset Protection) tool and bypass the screen lock (pattern/pin/password) from the Huawei Y7a.

Otherwise, you can try other tools to use the test point to boot your phone in an emergency download mode by removing the battery and short test point to the ground & insert a USB cable.

So, if you’re interested in booting your Huawei Y7a PPA-LX2 device into the Download Mode to flash the Stock Firmware then this article is for you. While if you want to install the software on bootloader locked Huawei Y7a PPA-LX2 then you’ll have to boot it into the EDL mode then you can flash the stock firmware.

Steps to Boot Huawei Y7a PPA-LX2 into Download Mode

  • Short both test points using any copper wire and then connect to a PC via a USB cable at the same time.
  • If the device is properly connected with the PC and gets detected automatically then you’ll be able to see ‘Huawei USB Com 1.0’ under ‘Device Manager. [Press Win+X keys then select Device Manager]
  • You’re done. Finally, you’re ready to flash Stock ROM on Huawei Y7a PPA-LX2 using Huawei Tool or remove FRP/Screen Lock by using the MRT Key tool or EFT Dongle, etc.

That’s it, guys. We hope this guide was helpful to you. For additional queries, you can comment below.

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