Inside The Backrooms All Puzzles And All Levels Guide

In Inside the Backrooms, you and your friends will face different puzzles with different mechanics on each level as you and your friends try to escape from the different levels. With Inside the Backrooms, you can spend an intense night with your friends, experiencing a horror game mixed with different mechanics. Take the time to explore, interact and think, but be careful; several entities are said to be seeking you out.

However, this game has many levels and puzzles, and solving them successfully for you isn’t easy. That’s why we are here with this article. So, if you want to know Inside The Backrooms, all puzzles, and all levels, make sure to read this guide until the end.

Inside The Backrooms All Puzzles And All Levels Guide

Inside the Backrooms Puzzles and Levels– Walkthrough

We have already told you that it is quite tricky to solve the puzzles and complete the levels in Inside the Backroom if you are a beginner. But, you do not need to worry about it as we have mentioned everything related to this topic. So, let’s check out this complete walkthrough on Inside the Backrooms All puzzles and all levels:

#1. Parking garage

  1. Enter the parking garage by dropping down the hole after exiting The Lobby / “The Backrooms” level.
  2. Collect the red valve handles you find lying around the garage.
  3. Close gas pipes by using the handles.
  4. Taking advantage of the previously blocked door, leave once all gas pipes have been closed.

#2. Office rooms

  1. Four fuses need to be attached to the fuse box in the office rooms.
  2. To turn on the electricity, turn on the switch.Office rooms
  3. In the office rooms, computer monitors are activated once electricity is available.Office rooms
  4. Each monitor has a symbol that corresponds to a letter.
  5. In the Flipped Room (? ), you can decipher the symbols.
  6. It is evident from the background colors which letters are in which order.
  7. On the main computer monitor, notes display the order.Office rooms
  8. To enter the password, click on the in-game keyboard.
  9. When the computer opens the blue door, it will be opened automatically.
  10. The Party Room is the first thing you need to do before entering the blue door.

#3. Flipped room

  1. It is necessary to enter a code to open the safe at the end of the room.
  2. The route on the map can be followed by following the code on the walls.Flipped room
  3. Change the direction of the safe knob after each value by dragging it with the mouse.
  4. Reset the knob by releasing the mouse if you make a mistake.
  5. Ensure that you have the Motion Tracker in your possession by taking it from the safe.

 #4. The party room

  1. On the wall, press the button(s) simultaneously.
  2. Locate the red rectangle on the floor and enter it.The party room
  3. Each party game should be completed to the end.
  4. The key is hidden in the cake on the table. Pick it up and interact with it.
  5. Bypass the panel by turning off the electricity and entering the blue door.

#5. The Pool

  1. Leaving the electricity in the pool is lethal if the blue door is opened.The Pool
  2. In a large pool are “rare” creatures of entity #5.
  3. Transverse the pool safely using the motion tracker found in the Flipped Room. The Pool
  4. On the other side, a ladder can be used to exit.
  5. You can exit through the door by using the Red Access Card.

What Are The Beginner Tips & Tricks To Conquer in Inside the Backrooms?

Here we have mentioned about six tips and tricks using which you can easily solve the puzzles in Inside The Backrooms. So, if you are a beginner, make sure to read the tips given below:

#1. Run If Spotted

Despite what may seem obvious, remember that players cannot fight back against the game’s enemies. Generally, the best course of action is to run and hide when encountering an enemy. Players should have no problem seeing or hearing entities coming before they get too close if they can see or hear them coming. In some cases, players can scare away an entity on all fours if they stand their ground, but they cannot hurt or kill them.

#2. Read Notes Carefully

There will be cabinets scattered throughout the levels, packed with supplies, but most importantly, notes and files providing information about the entities and the various aspects of the game. Read these notes carefully before entering the Backrooms, as they’ll make a major difference in your survival.

Entity files, for instance, often provide guidance on detecting them or dealing with them. Learning as much about some entities as possible is important since they behave differently and respond differently to player actions.

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#3. Examine Puzzles Rigorously

While some of the puzzles players need to solve to advance can be somewhat tricky, none of them are excessively complicated. It takes a bit of logic and some thought to solve each, and playing with friends makes it easier.

A key feature of the game is that it provides players with the information they need to solve the puzzles – they just have to look for it. If players carefully examine the area surrounding the puzzles, they should discover the clues that will assist them in solving the mystery.

Players can figure out the answer to the elevator puzzle when they look a little closer at nearby walls. In addition, entities are unlikely to be an issue during puzzles, which allows players to relax a bit.

#4. Listen For Unusual Noises

When an entity roams around the Backrooms, it will often make a distinct noise as they make its way around. Once entities are nearby, players have a tiny window to escape, so it’s essential to keep an eye out for these noises. Due to the constant ambient noise, the game plays to keep players on edge can prove to be a little challenging, but the noises made by entities should be reasonably easy to distinguish.

#5. Stick Close To Friends

In Inside The Backrooms, solo play is possible, but taking part in the cooperative play is just as thrilling as evading the entities individually. Players will be able to get separated from friends more easily in the first level because the environment is enigmatic and mazelike, especially in the first level, which makes it harder to determine where you are or where you’ve been.

If you play co-op, be careful not to get separated from your teammates. A divided group will make things much harder, and an entity will have a much higher chance of picking off isolated players. Retrace everyone’s steps if the players get separated in order to find one another quickly.

#6. Move Cautiously, Don’t Rush Around

The movement mechanics in Inside The Backrooms are fairly harsh, and sprinting is limited in duration, as players’ stamina bar soon depletes. There is a little bit of a delay between walking speeds, but it’s best to proceed cautiously through the levels. It may not always go smoothly because the environments are unfamiliar and strange.

It is not uncommon for entities to appear suddenly without warning in unexpected places. If players get too impatient and lose stamina, they will almost certainly die, and running is the only way to avoid death.

So, that’s all on Inside The Backrooms, all puzzles, and all levels. We hope that you find this guide helpful. Meanwhile, for more info, comment below and let us know.

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