Fix: iPhone 14 Series Do Not Disturb Keeps Coming On And Won’t Turn Off

Owners of the iPhone 14 series, including the 14 Pro, 14 Plus, and 14 Pro Max, are facing a recurring issue where the ‘Do Not Disturb’ (DND) feature persistently activates and refuses to turn off. Users are perplexed, given that the feature remains obstinate, activating itself despite attempts to disable it within the device’s settings. This article has gathered a collection of solutions to resolve the continuous activation of DND or Focus mode, specifically on the latest iPhone 14 series, helping users maintain control over their device’s notifications and alert settings.

Fix: iPhone 14 Series Do Not Disturb Keeps Coming On And Won't Turn Off

Why Does iPhone Not Disturb or Focus Keep Turning On?

Identify why the iPhone is turning on the Do Not Disturb. We have listed valid reasons for the iOS operating system enabling the Focus features.

iOS Software Bugs/Glitches:

Apple pushes new iOS software each year for the newer iPhones. We cannot stop the natural progression of the software. The mobile operating system takes time to reach stability and perform at maximum capacity. The users should give the Apple developers the ability to fix bugs or glitches.

Incorrect Focus Settings:

Apple has to outwork its competitors in terms of Do Not Disturb features. The advanced Focus function has many features for professionals, gamers, content creators, etc. One mistake can enable/disable the feature as instructed. I have shown you how to deal with the Focus settings.

Screen Time Restrictions:

Apple has introduced Screen Time for professionals and underage users. The manufacturer promoted the iPad and iPhone for the young generation. Many parents purchase Apple products for their children because they can control the software through Screen Time and parental control.

Corrupted iOS Software:

The iOS mobile operating system is a piece of software. System file corruption is a common problem in all sorts of software. You don’t have many options, and reinstall the iOS on the iPhone or iPad. You can use iTunes or Mac’s Finder for the reinstallation process.

Malware Attack:

Many iPhone and iPad users don’t know about malware infections. Thousands of iOS devices have suffered from malware attacks in the past. Apple tells users to update the iOS software to prevent damage and privacy invasion.

Fix: iPhone 14 Series Do Not Disturb Keeps Coming On And won’t Turn Off

I came across a program promising to fix the Do Not Disturb issue in the iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro, and 14 Pro Max. You don’t need a third-party program to fix iOS software problems. Apple has released iTunes and Finder to reinstall the operating system and fix software-related issues. Stay away from sketchy third-party tools and apply the solutions instead.

Restart iOS Device

Most iPhones and iPad remain on standby mode for months. The software needs time off to restart the drivers, background processes, and more. You can relieve the iOS bugs and glitches by rebooting the device. Let me tell you how to reboot the iPhone without a working Side button.

1. Open the Settings app.

2. Select the “General” settings.

3. Swipe down.

4. Tap the “Shutdown” option.

5. Move the slider and turn off the iPhone 14.

6. Charge the iPhone 14.

7. The iPhone will wake up without a working Side button.

Turn off the smartphone periodically for optimal performance.

Enable/Disable DND

You can disable/enable the DND feature on the iOS device. Let me show you how you can access the functions in the latest iOS 15.

1. Swipe down from the top right corner.

2. Tap & hold the “Do Not Disturb” icon from the Control Centre.

Enable Disable Do Not Disturb Feature (2)

3. Tap the Do Not Disturb” button.

Enable Disable Do Not Disturb Feature (3)

4. DND is disabled in your iPhone.

Enable Disable Do Not Disturb Feature (4)

You can access the DND button from the Control Centre at any time. Find Focus in the Settings app and access the advanced options.

Inspect Focus Settings

Inspect the Focus or DND advanced options because you may have enabled or disabled a function. Review the settings and figure out what went wrong last time.

1. Open the Settings app.

2. Tap “Focus” from the app.

3. Choose the custom or preset DND to view more options.

Inspect Focus Settings (3)

4. Review the settings.

Inspect Focus Settings (4)

Take your time to inspect every advanced option for any errors. Or, you can follow the next tutorial and delete the root cause.

Delete Focus & Start Over

I know inspecting the Focus settings takes time and understanding of the features. Users can delete the custom Do Not Disturb from the iPhone. Of course, you can set up a new one later.

1. Open the Settings app.

2. Tap “Focus” from the app.

3. Select the custom Focus.

Delete Focus & Start Over (3)

4. Swipe down and tap the “Delete Focus” button.

Delete Focus & Start Over (4)

5. Tap the “Delete Focus” button.

Delete Focus & Start Over (5)


Go back and create a new Focus keeping your requirements in mind. I recommend readers use the iPhone for a day without the DND. List down the requirements and create a new one.

Turn Off Downtime

Downtime is an advanced feature for professionals and students. The iOS software ignores the phone calls and apps using the services. Let me show you how to turn off the DT and remove the restrictions from the picture.

1. Tap the Settings app.

2. Swipe down.

3. Tap the “Screen Time” option.

Turn Off Downtime (3)

4. Tap “Downtime” from the options.

Turn Off Downtime (4)

5. Tap the “Turn Off Downtime” button.

Turn Off Downtime (5)

6. The “Turn On Downtime Until Tomorrow” appears on the screen.

Turn Off Downtime (6)

Bookmark the page before you forget how to enable/disable the Downtime.

Disable Screen Time Permanently

You can inspect the Screen Time settings on the iPhone or iPad. However, you can disable the ST permanently and never worry about mistakes. Let me walk you through the ST options.

1. Tap the Settings app.

2. Choose the “Screen Time” option.

3. Swipe down.

4. Tap the “Turn Off Screen Time” option.

Turn Off Screen Time (4)

5. Tap the Turn-Off Screen Time” button.

Turn Off Screen Time (5)

6. The iPhone won’t run the Screen Time feature until you enable it.

Turn Off Screen Time (6)

You can go back and turn on the ST feature at any time.

Update iOS Version

iOS Software Update

The iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro, and Pro Max runs the iOS 15 by default. You don’t have the option to downgrade the software to an earlier iOS version. Apple developers release new software updates. The time has come to update the iOS version. Follow a few rules before upgrading the software.

a. Open the patch notes and read them.

b. The experts install the latest iOS version and publish the reviews. Read the written and video reviews.

Follow some Reddit pages for a response from the community.

Reinstall iOS Software

Reinstall iOS Software
Many malware attacks have happened on iOS devices in the past. I have reinstalled the iOS software in the iPhone and removed the malware. Use iTunes and iCloud to back up the device. Reinstall the iOS 15 on the iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro, and 14 Pro Max. Bring the genuine Apple cable and use iTunes for the process.

Bottom Line

Fix iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro, & 14 Pro Max “do not disturb” keeps coming on and won’t turn off. Reach out Apple customer support team for further assistance. Reset the iPhone settings if you believe an incorrect configuration is causing the issue. Let us know how you solved the problem in the comment section.

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