Fix: LG G1, LG C1, and LG Z1 Internet / WiFi Not Working Issue

LG is known as the leading manufacturers of household appliances, mainly for TVs. You can find a TV for every budget range with the best quality and durability and customer support available worldwide. LG recently launched G1, C1, and Z1 OLED TVs with exceptional picture quality with smart tech features. The all TV series comes in premium range with at least 65 inches of 4K and 8K screen. Also, it has a processer of a9 gen 4 AI that comes with superb picture quality and a deep learning algorithm to analyze and optimize the content.

However, the LG LED users facing WIFI connectivity issues while streaming various apps like Netflix, Amazon prime, etc. It’s quite irritating that the expensive LED can encounter such an issue. The current generation is so advanced that TVs are used for secondary screens, playing games, user various streaming, and music apps, etc. Here we have some methods to fix the internet/Wifi not working issue on LG G1, LG C1, and LG Z1.

Fix: LG G1, LG C1, and LG Z1 Internet / WiFi Not Working Issue

Fix: LG G1, LG C1, and LG Z1 Internet / WiFi Not Working Issue

After detailed research, we found that there are many reasons why the internet/wifi is not working on LG LED TVs. However, before getting to the methods, let’s try the basic troubleshooting of restarting the devices (LED and Router). Reportedly many issues are rectified by restarting the devices. Because sometimes, the internet gets disconnected due to some technical glitch or error. If you are having difficulty connecting to the internet or Wi-Fi for the first time, double-check the network the passwords entered correctly.

Change Date and Time on LED TV

It is a little weird but claimed by many LG users that changing the date and time of TV manually will fix the issue and disable the time and date set to automatic.

  • Go to the Settings of the TV and select General from the remote.
  • Then navigate and tap on the Date and Time and uncheck the set automatically.
  • Now set the date and time manually and try to connect internet/Wifi in yours.

Modify the DNS settings to

  • Navigate and choose settings and then go to All settings of the device.
  • Next select Network and then go to the wired connection.
  • Now tap on the status Connected to the internet, go to current DNS server settings, select Edit, and uncheck the set automatically option.
  • Now go to the DNS server field and type and save it.
  • Restart the LG TV and connect with the internet and check the issue is resolved or not.

Disable Quick Start / Simplink Features

Sometimes some inbuilt feature may create an issue, and by disable you can connect to the internet in your LG G1, LG C1 and LG Z1 TV.

  • Go to the Settings of the TV and select General from the remote.
  • Now click on Quickstart/Simplink and turn it off.
    Fix: LG G1, LG C1, and LG Z1 Internet / WiFi Not Working Issue
  • Now turn off the TV, wait for a few seconds, and restart again to apply changes.

Connect 2.4GHz Wifi Connection

The new era devices require the best connectivity devices to connect with the internet through ethernet or Wifi. Try to rename the Wifi network name and select the band as 2.4 GHz. Also, check the connected devices. Sometimes there will be some limit of devices that can connect with the same network through a Wifi router. After the modification, connect your TV to the internet. Furthermore, if the device is already connected with 2.4 GHz, repeat the same process and connect it with the 5 GHz band.

Straighten the Wifi Wire in the TV

After the software solution, now we move to the hardware section. Also, it is the most common trick used by many users, and it works for them. But before moving to steps, make sure that you can unplug all the wires in your TV and get to the back panel of the TV.

  • Unscrew the back panel and locate the Wifi module.
  • To identify the cable, it is a blue tape ribbon cable.
  • Remove the blue tape over the cable and straighten the cable.
  • Now connect it again to the same place and close the back panel.


After applying all the above methods and still, the issue is not resolved, check the internet connectivity with other devices. Also, you can use an ethernet cable to check the internet is working on your TV. Finally, we recommend you contact the LG service center and rectify it if not. However, if it is a software glitch, you can check for any software update available to solve the glitch or try to factory reset once to confirm that the issue is not from your side.

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