My Galaxy S10 Screen Cracked! How To Fix It?

Perhaps you have dropped your phone on the floor, stepped on it, or whatever else, but the result is the same – your Galaxy S10 screen cracked! And that’s a severe problem because, in the majority of the cases, the only long-lasting solution is to replace the damaged screen. Hopefully, the glass is the only one affected, but if you notice touchscreen issues or display flickering or wrong colors, then the situation is even more severe than you’ve imagined at first.

If that’s the case, then the whole module that represents the display, the touchscreen, and the protective glass is damaged, and that needs immediate replacement. In case you don’t know what to do precisely, in this article, we’ll show you the steps you should take to fix a cracked screen on Galaxy S10. And there is one do-it-yourself method which you can apply if your Galaxy S10 screen cracked.

How To Fix Galaxy S10 Screen Cracked

Tape the cracked screen

Remember, to permanently fix the glass if your Galaxy S10 screen cracked you should seek professional assistance. Anyways, if you don’t want to send your phone to a repair store right now, you should tape the cracked screen.

Maybe you want to still use your phone as it is, cracked, until you have the money to cover the repair or, perhaps, you want to back up your files without any struggle. Whatever your reasons are, you can tape the cracked screen and use your Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone for a more extended period.

Applying a packaging tape over the screen should be enough for you to use your phone for some extra days. However, this is handy if neither the display nor the touchscreen is affected by the damage.

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Do you have screen insurance?

Every Galaxy S10 device comes with a 30-day screen repair insurance or at least a discount for the respective repair, in case you’ve bought your device from an official Samsung Store. In many countries around the world, every Samsung Galaxy S10 buyer obtains a discount of about $200 for screen replacement. That’s huge since a screen repair would cost you a small fortune.

If your Galaxy S10 screen cracked, and you want to be sure, call the Samsung store from where you’ve bought your device, and ask them about screen insurance.

Opt for an out-of-warranty repair

If you own your Galaxy S10 device for more than 30 days, then you should know that the screen insurance mentioned above is void. Accordingly, you have to opt for an out-of-warranty repair. You can obtain that from any phone repair store, but we recommend you to go straight to an official Samsung one.

However, that would imply you to pay for the full cost of the fix. That’s something above $200, so you’d better have the money ready for this operation.

Go to an independent repair guy

Although we don’t recommend this choice, you can go to an independent repair guy if your Galaxy S10 screen cracked. This solution is not recommendable because such a person might not use original Samsung Galaxy S10 components. However, it’s cheaper than opting for a reliable phone repair store or an official Samsung Service Store.


It would cost you less, but you’ll not have the guarantee that the independent repair guy would use an original Samsung screen.

DIY Galaxy S10 screen cracked repair

Do-it-yourself repair, or DIY, is only applicable for tech-savvy persons. We do not recommend it unless you have already done it before on other devices. This, however, is the cheapest method in case your Galaxy S10 screen cracked. But it is the most difficult solution to pull off, mainly if you’ve never done it before.

All you need is a new screen, advisable to be an original Samsung Galaxy S10 one, and a lot of experience in handling tools and mobile phone components. Therefore, you must have screwdrivers for mobile phones, a glue gun, and a ton of patience and tech-savviness.


  1. I’ve never dropped my s10+. I woke up 2 weeks after having it to find a hairline crack on it. It literally looks like a hair layer across it and burned into it. It’s very small. I never worried about it simply because it did not effect the performance of the phone and it’s barely visible but lately I’ve noticed that my phone gets extremely hot even when not in use and that worries me.

  2. my S10e is new today, and at home I can see hairline crack, or possibly a scratch in the screen protector that it comes with. I am not sure how to tell without removing the screen protector. I’ll take it back tomorrow, but this is unnerving.

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