My Galaxy S10 Won’t Receive Text Messages! How to Troubleshoot?

Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphones are excellent devices, undoubtedly. However, there are some issues that, while not related to the hardware of these smartphones, are annoying some users. Some complained that their Galaxy S10 won’t receive text messages, no matter what they tried. This issue, however, can be fixed without much struggle. In this article, we’ll show you how to troubleshoot Galaxy S10 that doesn’t receive text messages.

On many occasions, Galaxy S10 won’t receive SMS because of an incorrect setting or a software-related glitch. Also, the sender of the message might be the culprit for that. Regardless of the cause for that issue, the following troubleshooting methods will help you fix Galaxy S10 errors related to text messages.

How to troubleshoot Galaxy S10 that won’t receive text messages

Before plunging into the methods to solve text messages-related issues on Galaxy S10, you must first do a series of checkups on your device. Firsts, if you’re traveling in a foreign country, make sure that the Roaming service is on and set up correctly.

Secondly, take a look at the GSM signal that your phone is receiving. If the signal is too weak, then text messages might come in with a latency.

In the end, if your Galaxy S10 won’t receive text messages sent by iPhone users only, then the iMessage app of iOS might be the culprit. This error only appears if you used to be an iPhone user yourself and moved your phone number (SIM card) to an Android device without deactivating iMessage before. That means that all the SMS you’ll receive from iOS users will try to go through iMessage app and since your Galaxy S10 doesn’t have that app, it won’t receive text messages.

If none of the situation depicted above matches yours, then move to the next troubleshooting methods.

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Force reboot

Many times, Galaxy S10 won’t receive text messages due to a system glitch. A forced restart is helpful to tackle that. To force reboot your Samsung Galaxy S10, press and hold the Power key and the Volume Down button simultaneously for about 10 seconds. Once the Android logo appears on the screen, release the keys and allow the device to reboot as usual.

Reseat the SIM card

Sometimes, an incorrectly mounted SIM card might be the culprit. Turn off the device, take the SIM card out of the smartphone, and put it back in.

Turn on your device, allow it to reboot, and wait for at least 90 seconds for the Galaxy S10 smartphone to launch all the processes of the system. Check if the issue is still there.

Clear messaging app’s cache and data

A corrupt cache or data might be the reason why your Galaxy S10 won’t receive text messages. You can follow the next steps to clear messaging app’s cache and data:

  1. Go to Settings -> Apps and locate your messaging app
  2. Tap on the messaging app and go to Storage
  3. Select Clear Cache option
  4. Wait until the operation finishes

You can also delete the messaging app’s data. Just follow the first two steps presented above and select Clear Data instead of Clear Cache.

Install apps and firmware updates

We always recommend Android users to allow the apps and firmware to update automatically. That’s the best way to keep your smartphone updated with the latest bug fixes and security, stability and performance patches.

If for any reason you’ve turned automatic updates off, then you should do that operation manually. For apps, go to Play Store -> My Apps & Games and update all the applications installed on your device. For firmware update go to Settings -> Software Update and check for the latest firmware version. If any is available, install it.

Reset network settings

Sometimes, Galaxy S10 won’t receive text messages because of incorrect network settings. Luckily, you can reset network settings to their defaults by following the next steps:

  1. Open the Apps menu and go to Settings -> General Management -> Reset
  2. Tap on Reset Network Settings
  3. Confirm your selection

Hard reset

The last resort is always the factory reset. A hard reset might also help you troubleshoot a Galaxy S10 that won’t receive text messages. Here’s how to perform a master reset on Samsung Galaxy S10:

  1. Shut down your device
  2. Press and hold the Volume Up button and the Bixby button, then press and hold the Power key without releasing the first two keys
  3. When the Android logo pops up, release the buttons to permit the OS to enter the Android Recovery Menu
  4. Using Volume buttons go to “Wipe data/ Factory reset,” and select the option with the Power key
  5. Confirm the choice
  6. “Reboot System Now” message should appear soon
  7. Opt to restart your device now

If none of the methods presented here helped you troubleshoot Galaxy S10 that won’t receive text messages, then the error might be more severe than initially thought. Accordingly, you might have to contact your carrier or Samsung for further assistance.

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