My iPhone 8 Randomly Reboot all by itself | How to Fix?

iPhones are known for their security and reliability. They can run any apps available for them without any lag or issue if it’s meant to work on it. However, many people are reporting an issue with their iPhones. The iPhone 8 randomly reboots all by itself without doing anything.

Imagine that you’re in the middle of composing an important email to your boss, but your iPhone 8 randomly reboots all by itself. Pretty horrible, right. This issue might be because of either due to a software issue or maybe because of a hardware fault. If it was due to a software issue, we could fix it by ourselves.

My iPhone 8 Randomly Reboot all by itself | How to Fix?

My iPhone 8 randomly reboots all by itself. How to fix it?

If your iPhone 8 restarts once and then functions normally, it doesn’t have any problem, but it shows the same issue repeatedly and suddenly. Well, this problem is actually quite common. Many iPhone users in the past had the same issue of their iPhone rebooting randomly.

Fix 1: Remove any recently installed apps

If this issue started to happen after recently installing any app, then you should first uninstall that app. Certain apps, if incompatible, may cause this issue to happen. Sometimes some apps may overload your device hardware, thus resulting in this random reboot issue. If you recently install any app, it’s a good idea to check by uninstalling them first before proceeding further.

Fix 2: Update the iOS version for your phone

It is very important to update your iPhone to the latest version in order to eliminate certain errors, including random reboots and freezing. So here’s how you can update your iPhone.

  1. Open the Settings app on your Phone.
  2. Tap on General and tap on a Software update to open it.
  3. This will check for any available updates for your phone. (Make sure you’re connected to the internet)
  4. So if there are any updates available, download and install them.

My iPhone 8 Randomly Reboot all by itself | How to Fix?

Fix 3: Perform a Setting reset

Thus option will just reset all your settings retaining apps and data. This is the simplest reset option to solve many issues without destroying data on your device. However, you have to reconfigure your Wifi passwords and paired Bluetooth devices.

So to do a settings reset:

  1. Navigate yourself to Settings > General > Reset.
  2. Now tap on Reset all settings and tap once again to confirm.
    My iPhone 8 Randomly Reboot all by itself | How to Fix?
  3. If asked, provide a password.

Upon reboot, your settings will be reset to factory default. This should solve that random reboot issue. If it didn’t, you could proceed further.

Fix 4: Check for loose port and SIM card

Remove your cover and inspect if any ports are loose or visibly damaged. Loose ports will result in random reboots. If there are any, you should think of fixing it first. Also, make sure to check the sim that you inserted on your mobile. If the sim card is damaged, it might cause issues resulting in random reboots. Make sure of these two.

Fix 5: Perform a Full reset

Note: Resetting your phone will remove any apps and data stored on your phone. Make sure to backup your iPhone either to iCloud or using iTunes (Finder in Mac).

  1. Similarly, navigate yourself to Settings > General > Reset.
  2. Now instead of the above-mentioned option, select “Erase all content and settings.”
  3. This will ask you to confirm again and also ask for your Apple ID and password.
  4. Provide what’s necessary and complete the process.
  5. Let it reboot.

Once your device reboots, it would have reset to factory defaults, removing all of your apps and data. Hey, you took a backup, right? Initially, restore your personal data and check if the issue is solved. If it was caused due to any software issue, this would solve it.

Fix 5: Check With Service Centre

If nothing else works, this may be due to an internal hardware issue. At that point, it’s best to take your phone to an authorized service center. They will help you by fixing any hardware related issues your phone had if it is fixable. Hence the final option you can do is to let the pros handle it for you.


So these were some workarounds you can try to fix the iPhone 8 randomly restarting issue. However, it’s recommended to visit the Apple service center if you cannot solve it by yourself. Because you might end up causing more damage to it, make a backup even before taking it to the apple care center, just to be sure.

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