Fix: NBA League Pass Login and Subscription Not Working

NBA League Pass is a sports TV service that specializes in streaming basketball association games. The platform is a one-stop solution for all basketball-related entertainment, and sports need and have thousands of active users. But recently, due to some issues, users are facing a problem of NBA League Pass Login and Subscription Not Working. What this error is all about, and what are the steps to fix it, all coming up in the below guide.

Since NBA League Pass has been launched, there have been multiple reports of common issues including “not able to log in” or “subscription not activated” and many more. Since the pricing structure of the app is based on different factors, it’s quite possible that your plan does not support streaming in multiple regions.

Fix NBA League Pass Login and Subscription Not Working

Fix: NBA League Pass Login and Subscription Not Working

NBA League Pass is operated by Turner Broadcasting System on the behalf of the official NBA board. The Pass structure is beneficial for both US residents as well as people living in outside nations who have a liking for the NBA sports. However, if you are facing any issues with the app, then the below guide will help you out.

Check Server Status

Since NBA League is an online streaming service, it’s important that the services are running on their servers. Due to huge demand, their servers get a heavy load during important game events and might face some downtime issues. So check for the server status and confirm if they all are active and running. You can check for them by clicking here.

Do Internet Troubleshooting

Since the service is based on the internet, if your internet is having some issues, then definitely you will encounter multiple issues such as NBA League Pass Login and Subscription Not Working. The best way is to restart your wifi router and check if other streaming websites such as Youtube or Twitch are working. If facing any issues, then do connect with your internet services provider for better and faster internet plans.

Update App

Most cases of app issues, including login not working, subscription issues, etc can be fixed with a simple app update. NBA League Pass has got many updates in the past few months with new features. So updating your app will solve most of such minor issues.

Please download or update the NBA app from official sources only. Either from their website or from Apple Appstore and Google Playstore.

Clear App Cache

If you are using the app instead of the browser version, then some unresolved cache is causing the issue for you. Every app, especially streaming apps, keep a small chunk of data cache which helps them to resume activities and auto login you to the services.

But if this cache gets corrupted or otherwise, then the app will not work nor its features. Here is how you can easily clear the app cache for NBA League Pass:

Open settings and navigate to Apps > Apps manager section.

Here go to NBA, click on the Storage tab and click on the clear cache button.

Disable VPN Services

NBA League Pass does not work on cross regions locations, so if you are using any VPN services that proxies your location to other regions, it will not work with NBA. So make sure you disable any VPN if not needed otherwise.

Check If Storage is available

It might be possible that your device does not have any free storage, so apps do not have any vacant space to download and streaming related content. Please make sure that you have some vacant storage space (at least 1-2 GB) if you want to enjoy NBA League Pass streaming services.

Disable Mock GPS Apps

Just like VPN services, if you use any mock GPS location apps, then the NBA app will not work again. Make sure such apps are not active while you are consuming content on NBA League Pass.

Check your account region

If you have purchased a subscription for the Canada region, but trying to log in to US region, then the app will not work. Please note that you have to purchase the subscription for the region you reside in. Trying to log in to other regions will give you login or subscription errors.


This brings us to the end of this guide for how to fix NBA League Pass Login and Subscription Not Working. Please note that most of such cases are either due to server downtime or bad internet services. Before login into NBA League, make sure you have a good internet connection to avoid any issues.


  1. I have League Pass but it’s asking me to upgrade in order to watch a game. Something is definitely not right.

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