How to Fix No Man’s Sky Beyond crashing error CE-34878-0 on PS4

In August of 2016, No Man’s Sky was released internationally on Microsoft Windows and PS4. A few years later, it received support for the Xbox One in July of 2018. No Man’s Sky was developed and published by an indie studio known as Hello Games. It is also notable that their biggest game by far is No Man’s Sky.

The game has four main features: exploration, survival, combat, and trading. The game allows players to explore and travel through an immersive, open-world universe that includes over 18 quintillion planets. Thanks to the game’s procedural generation, every planet has its own ecosystem with unique flora and fauna as well as various sentient alien species. Players can progress in the game by mining for resources to improve and strengthen their equipment.

The No Man’s Sky update titled Beyond was finally out on August 14th, 2019. The expansion is extremely promising for those who want to dive even deeper into the artificial universe of the game. The update is excellent in several ways: it is better at introducing people to the game’s concepts, there is a new interface for improvements, and there is a plethora of new mini-stories and missions that players can complete. In addition, the update supports virtual reality. We cannot slip that over as it enables players to reach a whole new level of immersion! However, the promising update is muddied by one serious flaw. Post-update, the game constantly crashes on the Play Station 4 with error code CE-34878-0 (this is the most common error code).

No Man’s Sky Beyond

How to Fix the CE-34878-0 on PS4 Error

The immediate fix to this problem is effective but temporary. Players have reported that turning off ambient multiplayer is very helpful in reducing annoying crashes. Doing this means you are able to enjoy the game single-player features and consequently take advantage of most of the game’s core mechanics, however, you won’t be able to see other players.

In order to activate this temporary solution, you will need to go into the game’s Network and switch multiplayer from on to off. Many players mention they restart their game and system after this so as to make sure the problem is resolved. And yes, the majority of players bugged up with the error find this method useful.

Summing up our guide, all it requires to keep the bug away is to turn off the ambient multiplayer mode. While it is understandably frustrating that such a promising update is going into ruining by such an irritating problem, this quick solution will hopefully allow you to enjoy at least the single-player aspects of the game. Developers have stated that they are working tirelessly on a more permanent solution that will allow players to enjoy the multiplayer aspects of the game without the bug creaking up on your screen anymore. Until they release the solution, this is temporarily an effective one.

I hope this solution has fixed your problem. If you have any queries or feedback, please leave a comment down below. Also check out our Windows Guide, Gaming Guide, iPhone and iPad Tricks, Android Tricks and many more.


  1. Here’s an interesting idea why don’t you just fix no man’s Sky I get rid of the unnecessary hidden loading screens. Cut back on the overwhelming animation that isn’t required. Save memory for things like I don’t know updates, that way we won’t have to get rid of multiplayer.
    Unnecessary updates are as follows going through a portal, warp speed, going into the anomaly.

  2. I am playing on PS4 with all updates, and multiplayer off, I still get crashes with this error code at least 5 times a session.

  3. It’s 2023 and I still can’t play 30 minutes without this crash over and over. What the h3ll? STILL no patch? Part of the fun is seeing other players so that you don’t feel so alone in outer freaking space. Lol, Ridiculous.

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