Octopath Traveler Tier List

The Octopath Traveler Tier List ranking begins with 3 tiers. The first tier is “S” which is the top-notch level of characters. The second tier is “A”. The characters in this tier have some flaws that push down them from the “S” tier. And the last and bottom Tier is the “B” tier. This tier is the weakest and is mostly used for the players with less number of playstyles.

Octopath Traveler is a single-player aesthetic game that manipulates the final fantasy era in a retro style. The game has solid gameplay and it also has 8 unique playthroughs that will never let you get bored of this. These eight characters are also different from each other and offer far more versatility and skills. Some are more friendly while some are more powerful than others.

Octopath Traveler Tier List

Octopath Traveler S Tier list

They are from the hunter class and are among the best in the business. S tier list hails from the best storyline of the game. They are very capable characters who employ the bow and arrow and charge it directly at the enemy.


H’aanit has some lightning attacks to shock her enemy. She can take any massive beast in the game to her side. She can capture wild animals and any monsters and make them play for her or fight for her in any battle she faces.

Being in the Hunter class she has the best skills to capture ay monsters throughout the game. Here we have mentioned the best skills of the H’annit.

  • Mercy Strike: H’annit do mercy to her characters too. When she uses this skill that means hitting the target with the arrow without killing them. Actually, it leaves them hanging on 1 HP.
  • True Strike: Strike directly on the enemies, creating some critical damage to them.
  • Thunderbird: Thunder is the main weapon while using this skill.
  • Rain of Arrows:  This hits on random enemy more than 5 times.
  • Eagle Eye: boost the character crit rate upt 50% from the normal.
  • Patience: Increase 25% in the reattacks when your turn ends.
  • Heighten Senses: increase the chance of the first attack.


An exceptional villain can acquire everything from the enemy like health, powers, skills, etc. Therion can even loot the NPC of the town like children, widows, or old age people. They don’t spare anyone. The theft skill is the best skill of the Therion, and you must utilize this whenever you get the chance.

Therion can also weaken the attacks of the enemies. The only downside of the Therion is how quickly it gets down after taking a hit from the enemy.

  • HP Thief: Player gets 50% of the total damage in the form of HP of the enemy if attacked with a dagger twice.
  • Steal: It lets you steal loot from the enemy.
  • Shackle Foe: Shrinks the physical rae of the enemy in 2 turns.
  • Share SP: Grants an ally 50% of SP.
  • Armor Corrosive: Shrinks the physical defense rate of the enemy in 2 turns.
  • Fleetfoot: Increased the speed of the character by 50% if the normal rate.

Octopath Traveler A Tier list


Octopath Traveler Tier List

This character is the noblest character in the game. She can heal the bunch of the teammates at once just like the life savior of the teammates in the toughest of the Octopath Traveler fights.

When you play deeper with this character in the game, Ophelia can boost her ability to heal her teammates. She can be a very decent character when she is paired with the right combination of the parties by the players. Here are the skills of Ophelia.

  • Heal more: As mentioned Ophelia’s best skill is restoring the HP of all teammates.
  • Sheltering Veil: It increases the teammate’s elemental defense up to two turns.
  • Holy Light: Inflicts decent light damage to the single target.
  • Inner Strength: Increase the max HP by 50 %.
  • Persistence: The Status effects are extended to the two extra turns.


If you are not the player who wants a merchant player she can be the best one for you. She is a stealer but completely different from the Therion. The ability to steal in disguise is what makes her different. The character doesn’t rob the NPC like Therion.

She tends to barter with the NPCs for the accessories. She can boost your income for you. When it comes to Playing the game, she is very good at dodging attacks from the enemies. She is also equipped with some skills to let you handle your enemies. The skills of the Tressa are here.

  • Donate BP: She donates 1 BP to the ally.
  • Trade Tempest: This skill dishes the wind damage to all the enemies.
  • Rest: Cures Status effects and restores some SP and HP of the Players.
  • Collect: Collect in-game currency from the enemy for you.
  • Hang Tough: This skill weakens the incoming attacks from the enemies which mean at any attacks the Tressa will be left with atleats 1 HP.


Cyrus’ character is filled with knowledge. The intelligence of Cyrus will help you in every part of the game. Equipped with some mind-blowing skills this character is a go-to character for any kind of player. Showering enemies with some high skills damage.

Cyrus has also some magical spells to launch at enemies. The Cyrus can scan their enemies from head to toe to get the idea of what strength and power the enemies possess while fighting so that a player can plan their attack accordingly giving themselves the upper hand in the fights.

Still, Cyrus has not graded above because he always needs support from others in order to stay alive during fights.

  • Fire Storm: Can shower dual fire damage to the enemies.
  • Analyze: As mentioned can scan the enemy to get an idea of the skills and spells they can possess.
  • Fireball: Gives fire damage to all the enemies.
  • lightning Blast: Delivers two lightning damages to all the enemies.
  • Icewind: Ice damage is delivered to all the enemies.


Alfyn, is a healer and a fighter both in one character. But you need a lot of experience to handle Alfyn as there is so much potential in the character. He is the best choice after Ophilia. The majority of the power of the character revolves around the Concoct positions that heal the allies and also provide them with the most robust buffs and debuffs of the game Octopath Traveler.

When it comes to the battlefield, Alfyn can inquire with the NPCs to uncover the precious objects and can also acquire precious objects too. The skills of Alfyn are here.

  • Empoison: Poison effects on enemies for two turns.
  • First Aid: Restores the HP of an Ally.
  • Inspiration: Retrieve 1% of the dealt damage with the death SP.
  • Last Stand: Deals Axe attacks to ll the enemies, the rendered damage is equal to the Alfyn health.
  • Vivify: This skill can revive teammates.

Octopath Traveler B Tier list


Octopath Traveler Tier List

A solid warrior with average fighting skills. The Octopath Traveler’s best warrior. During the fights, the Olberic depends on the previous strength and doesn’t have anything new when fighting. The best weapon he uses is the polearms and the swords that deliver heavy damage to the opponents. He is more like a tank to the team.

As mentioned, Hannity can interact with the NPCs characters, this Olberic has the most advanced version of doing that. He can challenge the NPCs to lower some of the overall grinds for him. The ability he possesses gets weaker as we progress in the game making him a weak character to go with. The skill of the Olberic is the following.

  • Incite: It gains the enemy’s attention for three turns.
  • Abide: Boos the physical attack for three turns in the game.
  • Cover: Absorbs the single target attacks incoming towards allies near death.
  • Level Slash: These skills let you attack enemies with the sword.
  • Surpassing Power: Deals a maximum of 99,999 damage to the enemy.


Primrose has one of the most intriguing backstories in Octopath Traveler; however, her performance doesn’t seem to match that. Characters with this specialty possess the ability to access peculiar yet sturdy dark magic hits with a solid dagger.

Primrose is also a master in the dangerous shadow magic. giving players an upper hand while fighting with any beast that is lightly typed. While all the things are useful but the Primrose can only be useful when using this character at the right time with the right hand. The skill of the Primrose is the following:

  • Night Ode: Deals dark damage to all the enemies.
  • Mole dance: Improves a teammate’s physical defense strength for almost two turns.
  • Eye for an Eye: Counterattakng chances are increased to 50% when hit by physical attacks.
  • Lion’s Attack: Improves the physical strength of the team by two turns.
  • Second Wind: Recovers the HP with each turn.


Octopath Traveler is a game where you can find many characters for you, but choosing the best character for playing the game has always been a headache for the players. We have brought you the list of the best character you can choose from each tier to play the Octopath Traveler game every character has its own skills so please go through all the skills, merits, and demerits of the character before choosing. Happy gaming.

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