Best Out­look Key­board Short­cuts for Win­dows and Mac

The outlook is the preferred choice of business corporations to work with Emails and calendar. Because by using Outlook, they can restrict users direct access to the web just for mail. Since you can access mail from any services like Google or Yahoo using SMTP or POP protocols using Outlook.

I personally prefer using Outlook because we can store emails and attachments locally and access them even when offline. And you can compose more efficient mails using outlook when compared to the web composers of Gmail. But for users, it might seem very hard at the beginning. That’s where Out­look Key­board Short­cuts come into rescue.

Here in this article, we are about to give you the best and most used Out­look Key­board Short­cuts for both Windows and Mac OS.

Best Out­look Key­board Short­cuts for Win­dows and Mac

Best Out­look Key­board Short­cuts for Win­dows and Mac

Most Frequently Used

Action Windows Mac
Create a new message Ctrl+Shift+M Command+N
Send a message Alt+S Command+Return
New task Ctrl+Shift+K Command+N
Search for an item Ctrl+E or F3
Go to Calendar Ctrl+2

To Create New Item or File

Action Windows Mac
Create an appointment Ctrl+Shift+A Command+N
Create contact Ctrl+Shift+C Command+N
Create a contact group Ctrl+Shift+L
Create fax Ctrl+Shift+X
Create a folder Ctrl+Shift+E Command+Shift+N
Create a meeting request Ctrl+Shift+Q
Create a message Ctrl+Shift+M Command+N
Create a note Ctrl+Shift+N Command+N
Create a Microsoft Office document Ctrl+Shift+H
Post to the selected folder Ctrl+Shift+S
Post a reply in the selected folder Ctrl+T
Create a Search Folder Ctrl+Shift+P
Create a task Ctrl+Shift+K Command+N

Text related Formattings

Action Windows Mac
Display the Format Text tab on the ribbon Alt+O
Display the Font dialog Ctrl+Shift+P
Switch the case of the first letter in a selected word or line Shift+F3
Toggle the case of the selected text between small caps and all caps Ctrl+Shift+K
Apply bold formatting Ctrl+B Command+B
Add a bulleted list Ctrl+Shift+L
Apply italic formatting Ctrl+I Command+L
Increase indent Ctrl+T Command +Right brace (})
Decrease indent Ctrl+Shift+T Command +Left brace ({)
Underline text Ctrl+U Command+U
Increase font size Ctrl+Right bracket (]) or Ctrl+Shift+Greater-than sign (>) Command+Plus sign
Decrease font size Ctrl+Left bracket ([) or Ctrl+Shift+Less-than sign (<) Command+Minus sign

Paragraph related formatting

Action Windows Mac
Apply styles Ctrl+Shift+S
Insert a hyperlink Ctrl+K Command +K
Justify text (Stretch a paragraph to fit between the margins} Ctrl+Shift+J
Create a hanging indent Ctrl+T
Left-align a paragraph Ctrl+L
Right-align a paragraph Ctrl+R
Reduce a hanging indent Ctrl+Shift+T
Remove paragraph formatting Ctrl+Q
Center text Ctrl+E

Navigation based Keyboard shortcuts

Action Windows Mac
Switch to the Mail view Ctrl+1 Command+1
Switch to the Calendar view Ctrl+2 Command+2
Switch to the Contacts view Ctrl+3 Command+3
Switch to the Tasks view Ctrl+4 Command+4
Switch to the Notes Ctrl+5 Command+5
Switch to the Folder list in the Folder pane Ctrl+6 Command+6
Switch to Shortcuts Ctrl+7 Command+7
Open Journal Ctrl+8 Command+8


So these were some really useful shortcuts for using Outlook on Mac and windows. As you can see, there are many keyboard shortcuts in Windows when compared to Mac. The reason is, there are many other shortcuts that are too complicated, which makes it easier to use the GUI items instead.

But if you really want to know, you can check out the official article regarding Mac Keyboard shortcuts. The list will be lengthy and a bit uncategorized and repetitive, making it more confusing at first.

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