Fix: Philips Smart TV Black Screen With Sound

A range of malfunctions can cause a television to turn on without displaying a picture. It is very common for us to presume that the TV is dead even when simple solutions can revive him. However, keeping the screen black on your Philips TV is what we will answer today by answering the question: What can be done?

Don’t worry! We will help you. In this guide, we will try to fix the Philips Smart TV black screen With sound error. So, if you want to know how to fix the black screen issue with sound, make sure to perform these fixes. Therefore, let’s check them out:

Fix: Philips Smart TV Black Screen With Sound

What Can We Do To Resolve The Philips Smart TV Black Screen With Sound Error?

Well, firstly, without worrying about this error, you just keep in mind that fixing the technical issues with your Philips Smart TV is possible. So, in case you want to resolve the Philips Smart TV black screen with sound error, let’s check out the fixes:

Fix 1: Reset your Philips TV

The screen on your Philips TV may remain black when it starts up due to a bug or minor malfunction. To delete it, you will need to reset your TV.

You should first try red marring the TV decoder and/or box using the On/Off button on the back. It takes 15 seconds for them to turn back on.

After trying this method and not succeeding, try an electrical reset by following these steps:

  • The Philips TV cord, as well as all peripheral devices connected to the TV, should be unplugged from the wall outlet
  • Let it sit for five minutes
  • Plug the cord back in
  • One by one, reconnect the devices

Your TV should turn on again and display a picture if you have followed the steps we have mentioned above. You should, however, continue to monitor the device’s operation. 

However, when you turn on your Philips TV, but the screen remains black, the procedure does not work. So, continuing to troubleshoot step by step will result in a solution.

Fix 2: Verify the source of Image Reception

Do you have a poor image on your Philips TV, or does the screen remain black even when the device is turned on? As an alternative, the problem could be caused by the source. Afterward, some checks will need to be conducted to rule out or solve this hypothesis.

In the beginning, the wrong image reception source may have been chosen. Once you have connected to the correct source, you should make sure that it is working. Your remote control’s Source button can be used to select the source you want.

There is also the possibility that there is an issue with one of your TV sources. Your TV should have all the sources you want to try.

  • Ensure that the TV source’s connection is good and that the channels are being received. Make sure you set up a new channel if you are using DTT. A properly connected antenna should be able to receive TV signals.
  • Make sure the connections to the external source are correct if the problem occurs only with an external source. Make sure the peripheral device is powered on and connected. In the case that it still doesn’t work, try another device.
  • It is, therefore, clear that the problem comes from one source when the image appears with another. Most likely from a fault of the HDMI cable, decoder, or box that connects to the television.

Verify that your Philips TV has downloaded the latest software update by displaying the setup menu.

Fix 3: Verify The Connection

Bad connections can also cause your Philips TV to turn on but have a black screen. Then, verify the cable connections between the TV, decoder, box, and wall outlet. The cables should be free of damage, i.e., they should not be burnt, melted, deformed, or otherwise damaged.

Fix 4: Check The Backlight

The backlight system fault is most often responsible for non-working TVs when the sound is still present, but the picture is not. The backlight of the television can be checked by moving closer to it and shining a lamp or bringing your smartphone’s flash close to it. Once you have done this, you should be able to see the image moving lightly across the screen.

It could be that the slab is defective, that there is a bad connection between the power supply and the LED strip (or neon tubes if it is an LCD TV), or that one or more LED strips have failed. However, unfortunately, it is very expensive to replace the entire slab in most cases.

This is because LED strip repair is rarely available in repair stores. It is possible, however, to repair faulty LED strips yourself or hire a professional TV repair company. The first step to replacing the LEDs yourself is to ensure they are malfunctioning. You can find the tutorial on YouTube.

Fix 5: Check The Capacitor

It is also possible that a capacitor problem is to blame when your Philips TV turns on, but the screen remains black. There are, however, fewer cases of this failure, especially if you’re only getting sound but no image. Capacitors are very important for electronic devices to get smooth voltages.

They will inevitably wear out and eventually break down over time. As a result, malfunctions occur. It is common for Philips TVs to go out on their own when a capacitor fails. It is possible, however, that it only works partially, and the television displays a black screen.

You can find the capacitors on the power supply board of your TV. If one or more of them are swollen, you are able to identify them with the naked eye as defective. Also, you can use a multimeter to measure their voltage. It will be necessary to replace one or more of them if it turns out to be faulty. This will surely fix the Philips Smart TV black screen issue.

Fix 6: Contact Officials

If you find that you cannot fix the Philips Smart TV black screen issue, then you must try contacting the official support team of Philips and ask them about this error. They will further surely help you resolve this problem or ask you to reach their nearest service center. 

So, that’s how to fix Philips smart TV’s black screen issue. We hope that this guide has helped you. However, for more info, comment below and let us know. 

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