PlayStation (PSN) party chat not working? Is there a Fix?

The PlayStation (PSN) allows the users to create and join in the party chat in order to communicate with party members via voice chat and text messages. To be very specific, each party can have 16 members of chat along with playing games together or sharing gameplay or broadcasting. However, the PlayStation (PSN) party chat not working on several times in this single April 2020.

If you’re also wondering why the same issue is happening multiple times in a single month, then let us clear the main reason behind it. Bungie support team has officially announced that there are some issues with their server and due to the server downtime, the PSN party chat feature isn’t working for the users. The team has also confirmed that both the PS4 & PS3 console users will get this downtime.

PlayStation (PSN) party chat not working? Is there a Fix?
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New Update on April 26, 2020: PSN is down again on April 26, 2020, at around 11:54 pm with a major hit. According to the Down Detector status page, most of the PSN users have reported about the social connecting issue which seems quite regular or you can say common problems in the past few days. Although the official PlayStation Network Service Status page showed everything is up and blowing like the wind.

PlayStation (PSN) party chat not working? Is there a Fix?

New Update on April 24, 2020: It seems that the PlayStation Network has some downtime from April 23 till now as the Down Detector service is indicating that there was some problem in the last 24 hours. Whereas, today on April 24 at 9:10 am the downtime and reports became higher within a day.

PlayStation (PSN) party chat not working? Is there a Fix?

It was mostly causing sign-in issues to PSN users. While the gameplay and social connecting issues also found in the downtime. You can check out more details from the below link.

Plenty of PlayStation console users have reported that the party chat isn’t working well. You can check out some of the reported tweets below. Meanwhile, the DownDetector service has also been indicated that there is some issue with the PSN service from 9 am to 12 pm today.

PlayStation (PSN) party chat not working? Is there a Fix?

While the users may have some difficulties while launching the game or application or any other online features. The engineers are seriously working on it and trying to solve the issue as early as possible. This PSN service status was included today on April 23, 2020, at 9:32 am.

So, if you’re also facing the same issue then you’re not alone. However, if the particular issue occurs for a long time with you then make sure to check out the PSN service status from the official PlayStation Twitter handle or from the Down Detector site.

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